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Who can I speak to?

Community Member


 I'm new here so I do apologise if this is a commonly asked question and I'm not even sure if this is the right website for this... 

 Though is there someone that I can speak to in person about family issues for free? I'm terribly nervous on the phone and I feel like talking about the issue in person would be better for me. 

Some backstory -- Lately I've found myself sometimes struggling to get to sleep and often find myself getting so worked up over the family issues and just get left feeling helpless. 


I know this site's for depression and anxiety so I'm not sure if this fits, I just don't know where to go. 


 A Sleepy_moose

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white knight
Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi Sleepy_moose, welcome to Beyond blue

You first step should be your doctor. They are trained to listen to people with personal family issues.

You are welcome to try here to discuss them if you are willing to go into more detail.

Tony WK

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi Sleepy Moose,

Not being able to sleep due to problems rolling around in your mind is probably a common occurrence for lots of people! It certainly does help if you can find some way to chat about your problems and concerns.

As White Knight mentioned, you can share more of your story here or you could try using the help available here at Beyond Blue. If you scroll down to the end of this page, you will see the three different ways of connecting with Beyond Blue.

I personally have used the phone line and the web chat. The people at the other end of these services will be able to provide you with information and possibly other organisations or people you can contact in your region.

You could also try the telephone directory and see what services are available in your area. There are many organisations you can call.

You have taken the first step in trying to find help and advice, so keep going until you find some answers!

Cheers for now from Mrs. Dools



Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

dear Sleepy_moose, hi and it's great that you have decided to post a comment on this site, but it's not only for depression and anxiety issues, because if you click onto 'All Posts' there is an extensive list of all the different sections in which people can post their comments in, so in other words you're found the right site.

As Tony has said contact your doctor, or email your concern back to us or to the email above, just under the search bar, which will hook you up to the BB team who will reply back to you.

I understand your fear of talking on the phone, because you're put in a situation where you have to respond to, in other words put on the spot, so we tend to freeze.

There are many charity organisations that do counselling, just as the local community health centre, but all of these will want to pass you back into seeing your doctor.

Are you able to give us an indication into what is concerning you, as this will help us knowing what is troubling you, and remember it's all anonymous. Geoff.

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Hi everyone, 

 Thanks for the responses and the advice. I hadn't actually thought to consult my doctor though I feel like he wouldn't be able to help (however I've only ever consulted doctors for physical problems), he even might be able to direct me to someone who can.

Also maybe I just need to vent my frustration so here's me venting.. 

A little backstory on the issue.. My grandparents are getting on in the years and as a nice thing for them, my parents paid for them to go see family over in England. They loved it and it was one of the best experiences for them as they hadn't seen the family over there in forever.

 While they were over there, my uncle (who was living in Japan) came into financial difficulties though at the time not admitting it to the family. So while my grandparents were out of the country and my parents not living in the same state as my grandparents, my uncle and his wife moved into my grandparents place back in Perth to look after it. 

 Fast forward 4 years and my uncle and aunt are still living in my grandparents tiny unit (one of them pulls out a mattress each night to sleep on). My grandparents are old and even though they have tried to get them to leave (many many arguments), they've just resigned themselves to defeat, fully expecting them to be there for the rest of their lives. 

 Sure I can understand them staying for a while but now it's like they're waiting for my grandparents (who I absolutely adore and hope they live forever) to die to move into their home fully. My brother and I aren't well off though we get by... we work terrible jobs and rent a slightly larger unit than my grandparents. It makes my blood boil every time I think about them now and there's nothing I can say or do to get them to leave. My grandparents, my brother and I regularly catch up for afternoon tea and dinners and it's come to a point where they prefer coming over to our place just to avoid my Uncle and Aunt. 


They won't listen to my grandparents. They won't listen to my mother who's also feeling the same as me, if not worse as she's in another state. And they won't listen to my brother or myself. 

I don't know what to do.. 😞 

It helped a bit to type this, so thanks for enduring my rant. 

Hi Sleepy_moose,

I'm really sorry to read the story you have shared with us here. I don't know what to suggest. I have seen shows on T.V. where family members do similar things. I don't know how you manage to evict someone you no longer want living in your house!

I'm sure you and your parents have tried all kinds of avenues. Have you asked local council if they have any ideas? What would happen if your grand parents decided to sell their unit? Then the Uncle and Aunt would have to move out! Not that your Grand parents would want that extra hassle I am sure.

It is great your Grand parents feel welcome at your place and can visit with you. Must be a very stressful situation for everyone.

Do the Aunt and Uncle pay for anything while they are living there?

Have you been to see your Dr about how you are feeling?

Cheers for now from Mrs. Dools