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New to the group

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Hey Everyone. I'm new to this group but have been overwhelmed lately and needed to get some things off my chest. My husband and I have been married for 2 years, we dated for 5 years before marriage. I have a 9 year old son (from a previous marriage) and a 2 year old daughter from my husband. Lately I have been feeling like family life just isn't for me. Sometimes I daydream about joining a travel nursing agency and just starting over. I love my kids and would visit them regularly, but I just don't feel like this is the right life for me. Anybody going threw something similar?
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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi NurseLindsey,

Welcome to BB and thanks for posting.

I have gone through similiar things in the past, however I'm in a relationship but not married with kids like yourself - so hopefully other people who post will offer more advice.

I think that it's not uncommon to think 'what if'.  In fact, sometimes I enjoy it.  What if we'd never met, what if I lived somewhere else?  But eventually I know that if I did end up leaving or following the daydream I would miss my life too much.  I like where I am now.  Is this the same with you?

In my opinion I would start to draw the line when the happiness from your daydream overrules the happiness from your normal life - things like your husband and kids not making you happy anymore and you not being able to feel anything when you are around them.

Hope this helps a little.  🙂

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi NurseLindsey,

Welcome to the Beyond Blue forums, I'm sorry to hear how you are feeling, it must be confusing for you if you are feeling dissatisfied. Talking about this could be really good for you, you can talk here as you are or to friends, family or a counsellor.

Is it possible you can combine the two? Could you pick up the family and hit the road, nurse your way around the country or even the world? You have a husband and children, I guess you need to weigh up how important your family is to you, I know I make compromises every day, some times I have to push hard to honour my own desires and some times I have to work hard to serve the beautiful family I have created. 

You could make this the right life for you with the right advice and support.


Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

dear NurseLindsey, I'm sorry I had written a reply but hadn't finished but I did something so I lost it.

To me you're struggling and jumping up and down on the same spot and not getting anywhere, which seems as though there is something going on that either you don't like or something that you could be annoyed about, but you're not enjoying life at the moment.

There are many conclusions that could be made from what you have said, and we can only surmise on what you have told us, but that's OK because the person posting has to get the trust from the people he/she is talking to, but what seems to be a huge problem is that the marriage could be falling apart, and please excuse me if I am wrong.

What really concerns me is that you're not feeling any joy at the moment, or perhaps any support that you do need, so you feel left alone, and for this to happen is never good especially when you are feeling alone.

There are so many presumptions I could make from your post but it would be great to hear back from you. L Geoff. x