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What To Do?

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My ex and I recently split after a really rough patch. I am okay after the breakup as I think it was necessary as the relationship was becoming toxic. He is a very impulsive person and also vulnerable. He keeps bursting out with comments about committing suicide. He also drinks a lot, does casual drugs and then will drive saying that 'he doesn't care anymore'. I hate this, as I care deeply for him still. He says that us getting back together will help him be happy, but I don't want to go back as he sometimes didn't treat me as I wanted to be treated, and he hasn't been loyal. We are also both moving to different locations several hours apart for 4+ months soon and we agreed to break up in that time anyway.

I feel as if he's threatening to do all these behaviours if i don't get back/sleep with him, like drink driving, drugs, even going as far as vaguely mentioning suicide and how he's got a (licensed) gun at home and referencing someone he knows who has committed suicide. I also suffer from anxiety and he's really really scaring me as I still love and care for him. We are both still young, and I have called his mother and urged her to keep an eye on him and take him to a dr. She and him don't have a very close relationship so I feel like I'm responsible for him because he keeps turning to me and brushing his families efforts aside. Throughout the relationship I pushed him to get professional help because he experiences intense mood swings and sometimes becomes very vulnerable. I'm so stressed and worried about him, he keeps asking me to go to him and I hate saying no but I'm busy doing work/study and also don't want him to rely on me for his happiness which he seems to be doing. What can I do? I wish I could get him admitted into a psych ward because I'm so worried but I dont even know if thats possible.

thank you

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Dear annnonymouss,
Welcome to the forums and thank you for reaching out. It sounds like this is a very stressful time for you and can be tiring managing everything all at once.
Please keep reaching out and also know that we are here to support your.

The following services might also be of great support for you:

1800RESPECT - 1800 737 732
Suicide Call Back Service - 1300 659 467

If you believe he is at immediate risk please call 000 and request a welfare check.

are these number 24 hour or open late? Thank you

Hey annnonymous, thanks for your question. 

1800Respect and Suicide Callback are both available 24/7.