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Young mum - struggling with anxiety and worrying thoughts

Community Member
I’ve always had a bit of anxiety for as long as I could remember, but after becoming a mum it’s a whole new ball game, I cannot stop worrying about his safety, his health, my health, if I’m feeding him enough, if I’m doing the right thing. I constantly obsess over the smallest things. I can’t enjoy fun times as a family as I am constantly worrying that things will turn bad. I need to get better for my family
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Community Member

Hi there Clo

I bet you are an excellent and proud mother. It's true that us anxiety sufferers tend to go into over drive when faced with new challenges. By the way, even non anxiety sufferers often get emotionally tense with their first born especially. I remember my eldest daughter, flaring up at family over the slightest infraction (in her eyes) if she thought you were doing something that may hurt the baby.

Does the baby's father help you enough? How about your mother or sisters, are they supportive? Do you see or are you friends with other young mothers?

Have you seen a health professional recently about your anxiety? Remember the rules, eat well, sleep well (I know thats not possible with a new baby), breathe well. Avoid social media, recognise negative thought loops and let them fade.

Usually you can expect your nervous baby apprehension feelings will diminish as your baby thrives and you gain more confidence. If you feel like it, post back here and let us know how you're progressing.

Community Member

Hi there Clo94,

Welcome to the forum and great to see you reaching out for some support. Anxiety and worry are really common as a new parent. I have a 2 1/2 year old daughter (first time mum) and I definitely know a little bit about what you speak of. My favourite saying to my partner is 'everything's a hazard!'. It is a big adjustment becoming a mother, learning to know when to intervene with your new baby and when to allow them to learn and grow. Despite worry being common, when it starts to interfere with you ability to enjoy being a parent and restricts you from doing things you would like to do with you child and causes you to have poor sleep etc., it might be time to get some extra support.

Visiting with your GP and letting them know that you are worried about your bubbas beyond what you think is normal is a good place to start. If you have a supportive GP, they will probably ask you some more questions and make a referral to talk with a counsellor.

Another option is to visit PANDA (Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia). You can call 1300 726 306 or visit the website https://www.panda.org.au 

There are counsellors on the phone who have specific experience in talking with new parents with worry or low mood. If you don't have a GP or are finding it difficult to get to an appointment, PANDA is a free service that might be right for you.

Another resource is linked below on the Raising Children website which has lots of tips and strategies on getting support. https://raisingchildren.net.au/guides/first-1000-days/looking-after-yourself/anxiety-tips-for-parent...

When I because a parent, I attended a mothers group pretty early on where other mums were able to share their experiences and worries. It really helped me to normalise my worry which made a big different. I wonder if you have a group you connect with?

These are just a few suggestions. Please continue to share your story here if you feel comfortable, we are listening,

Sending you strength (and sleep),

Nurse Jenn

The support service is free and they can help establish if you require some additional support. You have already reached out here on the forum which is a great start. Taking another step might help you manage those intense feelings of worry.

Community Member
Thank you for your message, my sons father does help quote a lot but he doesn’t understand much about what I’m feeling or what to do to help when I go into a panic state. My son is two now and I really that it would’ve gotten easier but I seem to be getting worse, I have tried seeing a psychologist and have another appt to see a different one. I have deleted social media and try to avoid the news as they are all things that trigger me. When I’m alone or not so busy I just start thinking awful thoughts and so afraid something bad is going to happen to my son or me. It’s getting so hard 😞