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Tricky Parenting Problem

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Hi everyone i'm new to the site, I joined to further develop my knowledge on many fronts but for now I have what you would call a bit of a predicament.

So my nephew is 8 years old and a cheerful character and gets along most of time with other kids nextdoor' lately he has really wanted to visit another kid his age down a further area of our street, but the problem is he has spent time with him before and not left best impression.

His gran didn't organise it better when she had gone over ..rushed you would say and I hadn't chance to be involved at all. Basically from what I was told by her is that my nephew's mate's mother is kind of stand offish to some degree and I would need to develop a way to fix this.

I was thinking I could go over and discuss options but that might look a bit confronting.. so other thought was maybe write a letter on situation and options.. after all I thought at least once every couple weeks I could chaperone my nephew and mate to the nearby tennis court for a game or three- I just don't want to stuff this up and have him end up with next to no one to play with- so any advice with this would be appreciated alot then, Cheers 🙂

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Dear Strydz~

Welcome here to the Forum. I'm afraid I'm not quite clear on a couple of things, did your nephew create the bad impression or was it his mate - to who?

The other is this something you need to deal with by yourself, or is your brother/sister not available? If they are around they may have some ideas or want things handled a particular way.

Leaving all that aside for a moment I'm not sure the idea of a discussion -face to face or in writing - with someone who is already stand-offish is the best way to go about things. I'd imagine the chances of an argument or at least creating more distance might be quite high.

Do you think just going ahead with your plan to take them to tennis might be good? Setting it up with the mate's mum may give an opportunity for friendly relations to be established. Later on things can go from there.


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Champion Alumni

Hello Strydz, thanks for posting your comment.

I'm not sure writing a letter would suffice, it would probably be torn up or thrown in the bin, so I would be direct and ask her if you can take your nephew and his mate to the tennis court.

How you do this is up to you, ringing her or knocking on the door, and if she accepts then a relationship between the two of may occur.