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to good to be true

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Dont know what to do anymore was doing so well with my depretion and finally starting to be happy again but since i started becoming a happyer funner mum my partner has now decided he wont text me no more threw the day stopped saying i love you stopped hugging me even touching me or holding my hand he would only txt if i txt first would only do things if i done to him first so i stopped and now its just like im single all over again dont even get a goodnight anymore im done feeling like im nothing these days i stay strong for my kids but i dont think i can deal with this relationship the way it is i go out of my way for him and get apsalutly nothing in return what am i ment to do im doing as he does to me so he knows how it feels to be ignored bit still yet nothing at all and the only time he talks to me is about work work is all everything is to him no how are you how was your day is your depretion ok nothing just dam work ive been crying for 3 days now im just about at my wit ends he wont talk to me about how im feeling he ignores everything
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Yes so very true and what a wounderfull way to redecorate may have to use my imagination from now on i think love that idea

Altho since i finally spoke up i get goodnigh kiss and goodnight as well as a goodmorning and kiss now where befor could go weeks without anything but surprisingly enough we are working on our relationship as listening to everyone and finally saying something to him i can see a change in him and his effort to make me happy threw my very hard point in my life

Hello leelee, Jay ,Quiettall and anyone else reading.

Aw leelee .....is that your new little puppy in your profile picture? So....so cute. And the creamy coloured snake is that the male snake you have talked about before? Don't think I have ever seen one that colour.

I like the list of things your partner does that makes you feel happy, feel special and like he only has eyes for you sort of feeling. Like you are his woman. It's truly beautiful leelee. Oh yeah....when one is hugged and kissed from behind while preparing dinner, is definitely a big winner in my eyes.

Another action that helps me feel special, would be undivided attention. And it doesn't need to be for a long time either. Like he is entirely focused on me. Really listening and understanding my heart. It just makes me feel known, worthwhile, like I matter to him and connected somehow.

And like Jay, I too am glad things are improving for you. It all sounds a bit more hopeful.

I hope you have a wonderful time at the beach too,it should be great since it has been so hot. You have a bit of determination shining out of you leelee.

Jay.... Hello, I don't believe we have formally met, but I have seen your name around for a while. I am sorry you are going through heartbreaking times in your marriage. I do know how painful that can be, as my heart seems to easily break when it faces certain issues within my own marriage. I am glad you want to fix things within your own marriage. Your wife must be really special to you, for you to want to fix it. Aw you have a puppy too, what sort is yours? I would like a kitten actually, but I am unable to get one at the moment. Maybe one day..... And good on you anyway for the desire to want to make your marriage better!

Quiettall..... Hello, I have seen you around too. And are you actually a tall person? That is beautiful what you and your wife do before going to sleep each night. It has turned into sort of a tradition then. It is a great idea too, the special prompting sign. I also like "don't go to sleep while you are angry". Unfortunately I have done this, and I tended to wake up not in a good way.


So happy for your leelee, how special and he does indeed love you!

Shell xx

Hey shell

Yes is indead my new puppie isnt he the cutest....And yes that is my big boy his a darwin albino believe it or not he is my girls brother to be exact as the may not look alike but yes the are he took his fathers colour and she took her mothers she is a 100% het darwin albino meaning if i bread her she is garinteed to throw albinos snakes are amazing trying to con partner into letting me get more but he wont let me (but oh well i got a puppy instead hehe)

Yes he does indead love me but saddly words dont speak as much as actions these day

Cant wait to go to the beach miss it so much

Ive also come up with another way to look at my partner diffrent along with all your great ideas shell i have also been writing down a list

(Reason why you make me smile) is working like a charm cant stop smiling as i write it all down there is a big big list i must say

Things are going to get there just may take longer then expected as things dont change over night

Starting to feel like im worth his time at least now and that i am his one and only some days are harder to believe it then others tho but at least we have a start to a new beginning in our relationship i guess

I mostly love when he walks up behind even tho he may slap my butt half the time just to me a pain but i love when he does cause he kisses me on ther back of the neck then walks away to play with the kids but hell keep doing it randomly untill dinner is ready then he helps serve dinner things he hasnt done in about 6 months i can smile again while his around befor i could only smile when he wasnt

Oh yeah leelee, definitely cute. I have been looking very closely at your new little pup again and again. I just want to cuddle him myself. Are you holding him up to the camera?

How long is your big boy and where is his head? I cannot see it. So they are brother and sister, this is a bit embarrassing to ask you. But could they mate together, like to brother and sister snakes do that sort of thing or what?

I do like you new list Reasons why you make me smile. I am going to have a go at that one too. It's great leelee! Do you think you will show your partner that list? Might encourage him to see and know he is doing something right in your eyes or something like that.

Very true things don't change overnight. That is quite a realistic way to look at it. I heard this saying once, I don't remember where.... nope I have forgot the saying now. My mind has gone blank. Haha.

Yes I understand you would feel like you are are of worth, when he treats you the way you feel loved most. It is exactly the same for me, when my hubby just gives his time and undivided attention by listening and understanding me, well I feel like I am worth something too. Like I actually matter to him, for him to spend his time on me.

And please know you are encouraging me leelee to keep pressing on. So thank you so much...

Shell xx

Hi leelee1994,

I agree it's all about making it work in the spare time... we all lead busy life's but it does seem that you are both on the same page of understand currently... how has the weekend been for you two?

My best,


Hi Shelley anne,

Thank you for your kind message... Nice to meet you.

My wife opened my eyes to a few things that were concerning here and I am trying my hardest to fix them, even though I sometimes feel like I am breaking inside. Thanks for your understand as well, it was nice to read 🙂 Our dog is a Shiba Inu... Cheeky dog but very lovable. They really do make you smile.

How was your weekend?

My best for you as well,


Hey shell

Yes he has that look on him love my puppy yes was holding him at the time of the picture he loves been carried around loves feet to

my big boys head does hide well into his boddie thats for sure his 115cm long now wher my girl is 125cm long and yes unlike most things snakes can mate with each other no matter what (brother,sister,mother,son,father,daughter) either way it doesnt throw any horrible geens like my animals would but still not sure if im going to let them as there is so much work in it to be able to sell the clutch

I love my list still not really sure if ill show my partner or not as much as i would like to just not completly sure at this point but we'll see i guess

Had an alright weekend i could say partner got me to kill my very first shep as we needed food i can skin and cleen them but have never killed them but now i can say i have love when he takes the time to teach me new stuff that ive never done befor but he acturly spent the whole weekend by myside and made me smile alot over the weekend can say i had a good one really hope everyone had a fun weekend

Hope my new idea helps shell i find it not only great for me but in one way it is also fun really

Hey jay

Yes at the moment we seam to be on the same page about our relationship amd are trying to make this work the best we can

Yes as we all do have busy lifes to live it is hard to find the time to share but we also have a few hours a night where we do nothing at all kids in bed house clean but yet still dont seam to find the time realy even sitting down watching tv most night still feels there is no time for me but i guess it happens sometimes but he is slowliy getting better and back to been who i fell in love with and as for my weekend i answered that in my last comment but can say i had fun finally hope you had a great weekend