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the day I left was so hard

Community Member
Well my story is I met my husband when I was just 17 we worked together being so young I didn't think about what I really wanted out of life at that point I felt young and vibrant and happy not much fazed me.so I got to know my husband and liked him alot we spent everyday together we became best friends .when I was 18 I fell pregnant I told him that I wanted to keep the baby but after a couple of weeks I changed my mind he was upset and I felt like he didnt forgive me even though we stayed together we stayed together for ten years.when I turned 20 we planned on setting down and starting a family cause things seemed right after I had my daughter he started pulling away took up a hobby hunting and remained that way .we got married was ment to be the happiest day of my life but deep down I know he wasn't happy it's not what he wanted as the years went by we had two more kids and I raised them he went to work nd went hunting eventually we stopped talking I fell out of love with him and developed depression i was sad everyday.the day I left was so hard and still is cause he is hurt and took alot of his pain out on me apart of me understands how he feels another part of me wishes that he would one day be happy and get to spend sometime with the kids.i don't need advice I know that life is great just depends on the choices we make he was my choice but for the first time in years I put my happiness first nd my kids just sucks that I had to go through alot to do it.thanks for reading xx
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Community Member

Hey Jadence19

Thank you so much for posting this. Hopefully others can read and gain something from your journey - it sounds like quite a tough one.

So happy for you that you've decided to put your happiness first. Really sounds like some positive changes!

Thanks again for sharing, you're awesome!


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
Hi Jadence, thanks for sharing your story. It's really important to put you and your kids first and it sounds like you've done exactly that! Awesome to hear. J.

Community Member
Hello Bonnie thank you for the lovley response I appreciate it I hope that I could maybe help someone who feels like they are lost and don't know what to do great things are possible ppl just need to make that change for the better 😊