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Hi. I am new and it is with some reservation that I am reaching out and posting here. Not sure if it will help me, but right now I feel so weightless and small that I need something to pin me down.

I am struggling right now with these overwhelming feeling of loss and being alone. It doesn’t feel like I will ever keep a relationship. My partner
has just left me and the thought that I will be alone again is unbearable. I recognise that these feelings will pass but I have been single for a very long time and do not want to experience it again.

I am a quiet, introverted gal who is not the most outgoing person at the best of times. There isn’t that friendship or support network available to reach out to. I have friends, but the type that are all busy with their own relationships and kids and stuff that it is all a bit, not superficial, but one dimensional. I am 45, single and have no kids. I am scared that I will be alone forever.

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Hello danijo. sending you a warm and hearty welcome to the forum. My name is Sandra and I hope you feel positive about the support on offer here. I have met some very insightful people. All are here to help.

Perhaps now is the time to really reflect on the past relationship and figure out a direction for the future. Take some time to identify why the relationship ended and what you really want from a partner. Also consider what you bring to a relationship and where things might be improved.

Once you are clearer about the past, you can focus on the future and enter the dating scene. There are apps like Tinder available. Not recommending it, just saying that if you want another relationship then you need to actively do the seeking.

Do not underestimate the opportunities that might present themselves via your friends. How did you meet your last partner? If it happened once, it could happen again. You might have to get out of your comfort zone and explore social groups in your community.

I too am single with no kids. Being alone can be tough but you are making an effort via the forum to venture out. Making friends might be another source of comfort for you till you find a partner. I'm happy just to chat if you want. No pressure.

Kind regards,