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Hi all

My partner went overseas to spend time with his family as hes not from here and it wasnt anything out of the norm for that to happen. He visited there every 18 months or so. I stayed here because financially we cant do that trip as a family - we have two children - every 18 months.

He went for 4 weeks. Its now been 10 months and still not home. The intial months passed as a blur. He told us he was staying overseas and not returning...our world collapsed.

Didnt see that coming at all.

To say we're still struggling here is an understatement. Im going to see a therapist as this anxiety and feelings of rejection and the anger are still there.

I feel I am overloading my loved ones for advise and what to do and thought Id be in a much better place by now.

Hes returning back here in a few weeks. He misses his kids too much. I dont have a clue how Im going to handle it when it happens.



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Hi Leonie,

No wonder his leaving knocked you down so much. It would have been such a massive shock that he just walked out. You did the right thing by asking him not to come back into your home. If he wants a relationship with his kids that's something he will have to rebuild piece by piece. I hope all goes well for you. Try not to imagine scenarios that haven't happened yet (I know this is incredibly hard when you're anxious). It's good that you have your daughters for support.

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Leonie that sounds so very unsettling. All you can do is to look after yourself and your daughters. I'm not sure how old they are but he needs to be responsible for rebuilding those relationships with them.