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Struggling with my girlfriends depression & anxiety

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Hi there,

I've been in a relationship with this girl for a few months and its been great, we love each other and are really happy in each other's company. In the last month or two i just feel like her mood is down all the time, she seems really insecure of her self and worries a lot about things that would appear insignificant to others. I text her every afternoon asking how her day is and she always responds with something bad that happened to her during the day or just wants to go home and cry, and occasionally says that she just wants this week to "end". I had a brief chat to her the other day about some things and it all stems back to her parents divorce, some other things ive noticed is that she gets really overwhelmed when there are a combination of little life problems. and has begun developing physical symptoms based on stress and anxiety. My sister has gone through a similar thing but rather serious so i can see the parallels between the two and am seriously worried. I just want to know the best way to approach this, as i care for her a lot and dont want to see her hurt herself. Should i speak to her further about it on getting some professional help, talk to her dad first who shes quite close to? Any help if greatly appreciated.

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hi Luke, has her dad mentioned anything to you about her moods or even spoken to her, probably not, so it could be a good idea talking to him, just as long as he respects you for being her b/friend.
It could be possible that her parent's divorce may have an impact on her, relating it to when she gets married, and your r/ship maybe getting close to this, I don't know, but the thought could be continually worrying her.
She needs to go and see her doctor first of all, and you can mention all of this to her dad, because you are worried about how she seems to be getting worse, and even any small little events will only lead to being major.
Ask him if he can help you, work together on this because you will know more than he does, the doctor will decide whether or not any medication is required, and this will probably happen, they may also suggest that she sees a psychologist and put her on a mental health plan, which will entitle her to 10 free visits to see someone.
If you're not living together then maybe she could move back in with dad, however that's not an easy decision to make, but please let us know. Geoff.