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Struggling with break up

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2 months ago my ex and I mutually ended our 2.5 year relationship. The relationship in itself had many positives, and all in all was generally healthy. We got on well and fought very little. We ended it due to individual issues, I struggled with feelings of insecurity and jealousy while he had issues committing and being emotionally available. We loved each other dearly but knew that the relationship couldn't work well if these issues still continued. I saw him on the weekend for the first time in just under two months at a party, we got on really well and hung out with each other all through the night. It's reminded me how much I miss him and I feel like I'm back at day one with the breakup. We've been speaking all through this week and I really want to get back together with him despite knowing we are better off apart right now. I don't know how to shake this feeling that I'll never find anyone again or that I'll never get over him. I miss him so much.
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I'm so sorry to hear you are hurting amym. I am likewise feeling very sad tonight ... I can't stop pining for my ex-girlfriend. Knowing the relationship could be so good ... but at the same time knowing it wont work - part of me wishes we didn't know it, we could just be together ...

But seeing her like you have been seeing your ex ... that would really mess with me amym ... please be careful. Take care of yourself, spend time with your friends - and don't stop believing that, in time, we can both find someone new.

Hi Amym.

Try not to look into things too deeply, you might have already been back with him, rather than being stuck in the viscous cycle of "what if's" - this is such a toxic life for so many people. Take the plunge, take a risk, if you really have strong feelings for them (unless you are already in a relationship), then do what you need to do. What are you more scared of than anything, what's holding you back, why are you feeling for them but cannot get past their flaws.

People, this is your life. Do what makes you feel happy and live.

All the best.

: )