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Struggling to cope after my divorce

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I got divorced 2 months ago and i have been stuck in this depressed rut and i cant get out of it. My ex husband left me for another woman we could not have children. The woman and him now are having a baby together. I just wanted to know if there were anyone out there that knows how to get passed this
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Hello Justlikemeyourdamagedgoods, I am sorry about the divorce and know how you are feeling, as my wife also divorced me and until everything was divided up and sold, it kept my depression from easing up.

Divorcing maybe physically easy only sometimes, but emotionally it's the opposite, there are times that you both enjoyed, memories from items left around the house and the thought of him and his new lady having a baby together must be devastating for you.

There are three issues here, the divorce, your depression then the baby.

I am really sorry, however I would like you to get back to us just so we can help you, but understand that I do remember that feeling of being pushed away by having a divorce.

My very best.


Hi geoff

Thank you for your msg. It has been hard hearing that they were having a baby as i tried for 5 years and i could not get pregnant. I have made my piece that i wont be a mum.

I have deleted all of his family from my facebook accounts too and blocked there numbers as they were all bitching about me as well.

Hi geoff

i also went to my doctor yestetday to get more help with my depression and he referred me to see my old psych who charges 400 i dont have that money for 30 minutes to see him and the bulk billing one is a waiting list for 4 to 6 months i dont even know why i bother.

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Hi Justlikemeyourdamagedgoods

I'm very sorry to hear of the struggles you are going through, sometimes things get so messed up and it feels like your head is going to explode and you just don't know how to fix things. The fact is, you are on the way and have begun the journey to heal. Two months is a very short time and everything is still raw but the fact is you are doing things to get better, you have seen your GP and have found this website, doing those things takes strength. I have been through a similar marriage breakup and all I can say is that things do get better, the cliche of "time heals all" is so true. I know you don't think so right now but time does, you now just need to focus on yourself and doing whats best for you.