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Hey everyone,

What are your guys opinions about Valentines Day? What do you think would be good things to do on Valentines Day if you're single and most people in your social circle and family are partnered up? Just looking for ideas ahead of time.


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Hi Gabby

Meetup .com usually has an event or two for people who are not in relationships. I like randomly giving the love heart chocolates to random street people.

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Hi Gabby_01,

Thanks for your post.


- watch movies or tv shows. Added points for romantic comedies that men would hate.

- eat your favourite food. My single friend on valentines day may have made brownies just for herself. Why not.

- buy something just for you.

- wear whatever you want. You don't have to dress up for anyone. Embrace it.

- make up. Maybe that's a body scrub, hair mask/colour, pedicure or all of the above. That's one of my favourite things to do alone - walk around with a hair full of glob and a face mask. So pretty right?

- ring or catch up with friends and family. Maybe they're partnered up for Valentines day but they still might be able to do breakfast or something later in the day.

- go on dating websites/apps. You could do this seriously or even just for a giggle. Some of the poses or pick-up lines are so bad they're good.

- try something new. Go outside, explore, go for a drive, take some photos, try painting, read a good book.

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Here's my opinion about Valentine's Day. It's a day which instills anxiety and depression whether you're in a relationship or not. It's a day where people are expected to give gifts to prove their love to one another. It's where people who can't afford something spend beyond their means and get further in debt. It's a day of great expectations and even greater disappointments. It's a a day designed to make money. We've just finished with Christmas and here's the next big price gouge. Why not pay $150 for $50 worth of flowers?

Valentines Day is the big corporate takeover designed to Hoover your money. It can make singles and couples alike miserable.

Personally I'd rather show my love another way and not have someone make me obligated to do so on one day of the year. Call me cynical. It's on Tuesday I believe so I'll be going to work, coming home, making dinner and probably watching a movie with my cats. I think I'll watch a horror movie

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Hi Gabby and all. I am in the same boat Gabby and I am also single know. I am guessing I'll be single for valentines day like the past 3 or more. It kinda gets old being single when everyone else gets to go out for dinner and snuggle up to a movie. However I think it is just a day and I try ignore it to be honest. I think you should show love to you partner (or friends and family) every day, however I do see the positives for couples.

What I'll probably do on valentines day is work during the day and if my dad wants to go out for dinner with his wife I'll baby sit my sister and dog. I would rather spend the day with them anyways. I'll cuddle the dog as I watch a movie. Or I'll go to the movies myself (which I do anyways because if I want to see a movie going alone won't stop me).

Any other suggestions to avoid all the soppy couples would also be appreciated

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Dear Gabby,

Are you an American that has always celebrated this?

If not, then why on earth would one celebrate an imported tradition forced upon us by the media decades ago? Even when I was married my wife and I chose to ignore this obscene, money making day of insanity as it was not a traditional thing for us Aussies.

Do something nice for yourself if you must. Go shoe shopping, stay home and watch re-runs of the Walking Dead and know deep inside that a good percentage of those celebrating this disgusting day will probably end up separated or in the family courts sooner or later. That always puts a smile on my face.

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Valued Contributor

Goodness Legion, what a ray of sunshine you are! I think it's possible to ignore the sentiments of Valentine's Day without wishing untold misery on others.

I agree with most of the posts here, Gabby, if you're not able to just ignore the day and treat it much like any other (some people find Mothers and Fathers Day very triggering for similar reasons), then have a date with yourself and do something nice. I think that learning to enjoy your own company is very important when it comes to living in a relationship, anyway, as a way of vaccinating yourself against co-dependence.

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It sure would be nice if Australian's stopped blaming America for everything they don't like. Besides, like Christmas and Halloween, Valentines Day came to America from Europe ... or more specifically the British Isles. And if you are thinking that America commericalized the day, you'd be wrong.

Fact: the custom of sending cards, flowers, chocolates and other gifts originated in the UK.

Hack you can't even blame the US for the greeting card industry's demise caused by the Internet, as that was invented in France.

(Apologies to Gabby for jumping your thread, I am just too angered by the prejudicial commentary implying the Americans are the cause for everyone's pain. It's quite apparent that someone needs to reminded that this forum is supposed to be a safe place -- free from bullying, harassment and prejudice)

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Community Champion

Dear Gabby_01~

I wanted to thank you for sharing your memories in

Forums/ Staying well/ Store Your Happy Memories Here:

Everybody needs solace at times of stress, I hope you too can come and reap what others have sown too.

Croix (Who thinks this might be your most recent thread)