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Should I choose my own happiness over my families

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I’m 13 almost 14.

i want to start spending more time at my dads house (half time with him and half with mum) but my brother doesn’t want to. I don’t want to go without my brother and I’m worried about asking my mum for more time with my dad. If it comes down to it should I just spend more time with my dad and choose my own happiness or should I just settle with the living arrangement I already have and keep my mum and brother happy.

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Hi Astra!!

As a father with a split family I'm sure that it would make your father very happy to see you more.

Dont concern yourself too much with others, does your brother concern himself that you'd like something else? Probably not

If you want to do it, do it.

Hi Astra. Thanks for reaching out and sharing your story with our helpful forums community. Just wanted to make sure you knew you can also talk these issues over one-on-one in real time at Headspace – https://www.eheadspace.org.au/ or 1800 650 890 - which is especially for is young adults like you.

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Astra Rose,i to am a part time dad.I have a son and daughter that spend about half their time here and half with their mother.You are going onto 14 so you are at the age where you can choose how much time you spend with each parent and thats ok that your brother dosnt.Have you spoken to your parents about your wishes and is it ok with your dad?Their are things like court orders that might be in place but if both parents agree then their shouldnt be a problem.Good luck with it.

Take care.