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Separated from grandchildren

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I have always been extremely close with my daughter until recently. Due to me voicing my opinion about feeling being used I now have no contact with my daughter and now my grand children. How does one move on from this and still function. It feels like my heart is about to break, I cry all the time, don’t sleep very well and don’t really want to do anything. My husband does not understand and I feel like I am alone in this. My photos around the house are torture to look at as is my grandchildren’s bedroom that have at my home. Do I remove all of this? I tried reaching out to my daughter when this first happened but got no reply and she would not answer her phone so I will be not contacting her again. I just want the pain to stop. I miss my grandchildren so much.
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Community Champion

Harps 70,

Welcome to the Forum. This place is full of friendly, caring and supportive people.

I am so sorry about being separated from your daughter and your grandchildren.

The fact you have been extremely close with your daughter up until recently, must make having no contact now very distressing.

There is another thread you may like to read Topic: Estrangement from both my adult daughters , where you maybe able relate to what writer of the thread has written. Just type the topic into the search box and the top of the page.

I understand this is difficult for you and I hope reading about how other people cope maybe of help.

Your situation alas is not uncommon on this forum.


Hi, welcome

Yes agreed, a very tough time.

Often our children build up emotions and the slightest disagreement finds them cutting contact over many little things rather than the topic at the time. I'm guessing of course.

Again guessing, but she might have taken exception to the phrase "being used". If she didn't feel she was using you eg taking advantage of your assistance, then this can come across as being abrasive.

I suggest, no matter how hard this period is that to feel abandoned is a little too early to be. time heals often and being without your grandchild in your life for 12 months or so is like being without her/him while you do an overseas trip or round Australia trip.

I say, honour your daughters right to space and time away.

Keep busy.