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Sent back home

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I moved out of mums for a year, I was living with one of my sisters because i needed a change from schooling as i was getting bullied. anyways, after a year i have been sent back to live with mum... even though my sister knows that mum neglects us all and knows that my depression gets worse when it comes to being around our mother. I have been back for a week now and i feel so lost.

My mother never listens to me, she will only talk to me when its all about her or what she wants me to do around the house, or wants me to go shopping with her. Today my mum walked in to my room while i was unpacking boxes of my things and gave me toilet paper otherwise mums boyfriends daughter gets cranky that i use hers... but i never got told we have our own toilet paper, I always have to clean up after mums partners daughter in the bath room. I am finding it very hard to cope, because all i want to do and have been doing is sleeping. one minute I'm happy and energetic and the next i could be depressed and just wanting to sleep. I was very happy back with my sister, i was looking for a job, starting up in a soccer team, gaining new skills and more confidence. ever since moving a few hours away back into mums, i literally have no confidence, my anxiety and depression seems to be getting to me a lot every night. I keep crying and i don't even know why myself. i honestly don't know what I am trying to say... i guess i am just confused and wanting someone to listen. Sorry if this doesn't make sense

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HI TJR, welcome

What a frustrating situation.

Not being accepted into your step fathers family isn't a nice feeling.

I think you really need to find a new hobby or sport. You said you were into soccer so why not try table tennis, badminton, volleyball or line dancing? Being away to these sports removes you from the home, that gives everyone space.

Being bullied is the worst thing but it isn't your fault. As you get older is becomes less. As soon as you are bullied report it. You have to get that sorted early if it repeats itself.

In life there is right and wrong. If you have to clean up your step fathers daughters mess then its fair to refuse to do it. If she cleans up your mess then that's fair. So at a gathering, maybe dinner, it is fair to talk maturely about it and if there is complaining then stick to your point that "I cant see why it is right to make me clean up someones elses mess....do you".? By asking a question it makes other people answer the question.

Good luck


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Thankyou. I'll try talking to them about it.