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seeking for help

Community Member
I no longer feel interests in anything anymore. I would like to smile again. I would like to feel the same passion as before. I feel like I am dead inside. How can I come back to life? I have no energy to do simple things.
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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

i ihen,

I'm so sorry you're feeling so down. It's not a good feeling and i can relate. Thank you for reaching out.
Have you seeked any help through your Doctor? Psychologist? I think it would be best to speak with them about these emotions and see what they suggest..?
Have you considered anti depressants?

Has anything dramatic happened to you recently that has brought on these strong emotions?

Please feel that this is a safe place where you can seek support and no judgment will be given. I really hope you're okay! 🙂

Community Champion
Community Champion

Dear Ihen~

I'd like to join Rabbit33 in welcoming you to the Forum. I did read your other post in Dr Kim's thread which lead me here. Feeling dead inside, no interest even in things that have been enjoyable, no energy to do even simple things. All that sounds pretty much like myself during bouts of depression.

I think Rabbit feels the same and the advice is good. I never improved, in fact kept getting worse, until I had the right medical support, which included both medication and therapy. It was helped by having a very supportive partner, so I did not face things all alone.

Do you think it would be a good idea to go see your doctor and explain what is happening? It may seem daunting, I have written things down before now and simply shared the paper in a long consultation. It gives you time to set things out right in the days before, and is actually easier when face to face.

Once you have a professional opinion on what is wrong deciding what to do is easier. It can also explain that the problems are symptoms, not failings.

May I ask if you have anyone in your life to give you support? A family member or friend who cares and would help if they could?

We hope you come back and talk more