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Relationship advice

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Hi. I have been with my partner for 10 years (married for 7) and we have 4 beautiful children together. Since the birth of our last child 15 months ago I pushed my husband away and felt a lot of resentment towards him as it was my life that kept changing and he seemed able to continue on doing whatever he pleased whenever he pleased. I lost most of my friends and was sucked in to motherhood so I have one good friend and thats all. I have no idea how to go about making new friends or where to begin finding any.

I got him a cruise for christmas and he's just been on it, while on the cruise a girl he met sent him a picture of her room number, i saw it and couldn't contact him as no reception on a cruise. So i panicked. I couldn't eat, drink or function properly since saturday. He has never given me any reason to doubt him. I ended up messaging him this morning asking how the cruise was. He answered every question I asked except how the cruise was and said we would talk tonight when he gets home. I panicked and messaged said girl. Who told me nothing happened and they were just mates. Then proceeded to tell all his mates he was with. Now he is so angry with me and I caused all this problems over my own stupid anxiety! What can I do? How can we get through this??

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Hi Humbug

Welcome to BB and thank you for finding the courage to post.

Your thread has two questions, and being that I'm not the best person for relationship advice I'll endeavour to address the first part ... making new friends.

Friends are not something we find, rather they are relationships we make with people who have similar interests. My (ex) wife made friends with all the other moms at the local playgroup and pre-schools. She found that some of the mothers shared her interests for crafts and homemaking. Perhaps, you may find some people who like things that you like. What you need to do is to share your interests with others. On one hand there may be some people who also like what you like, and on the other someone may have a hobby or interest that you find intriguing and want to find out more (from them).