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Put-down and Judgemental Language by Jehovah's Witnesses

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi everyone I am fairly new and this is my first personal post.

I have been a Jehovah's Witness (JW) for quite a few years. I ever since I was a kid was raised in a spiritual family who had a love of God and the Bible. I always had an appreciation for what the bible ways even though I may not always understand it and I love the principles and tips that it contains.

In recent times, since I received my transplanted kidney and, at one stage, lost 70% of my hair. This has made all of the other Jehovah's Witnesses (JWs) in my congregation frown upon me, talk down to me, and judge me, telling me to stop my medical treatment. They just don't seem to have any love, unlike some of the other churches that I grew up in.

I was just wondering, regardless of whether you are religious or have a love of spiritual things, have you ever experienced hurt from JWs, not so much when they come to your door, but in passing, on the street or elsewhere.

Do they boss you around? or Do they talk down to you? anything similar?

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Hi Irene

I am a Christian and not of the Catholic faith

Can I rephrase my question...How do I answer the gentle JW when he mentions that 'Armageddon' will eventuate.....when I dont see life as he does?

I respect his (and your) beliefs and his right to express them. He has expressed interest in watching an interesting documentary that has been screened on Foxtel. The copy & paste link is below just for your info


Well deserved congratulations on passing your course Irene. Have a good trip OS too 🙂

my kind thoughts


Hi Everyone. We respect the choice of all members to practice their religion, and discuss how their faith has had an impact on their experience with depression and anxiety. However, we recognise religion is a sensitive topic and we feel this thread is now moving away from its original purpose. We will be locking this thread to any further discussion.