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Pretty creeped out...

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Hi everyone.

I am writing this because I am literally at my wits end.

A few months ago, my partner and I decided to look for a share house with his friend and his girlfriend because rent is a little too expensive and we’re saving up for a place of our own someday.

I was weary of moving in but desperate because I wanted a better house, as well as more money.

My housemates copy everything we do and it has gotten to the point where I’ve honestly considered calling the police and reporting them for stalking. I may come across as a tad paranoid, but here me out.

It started out as a few small things. For example, they bought some items for them to use in the house and when we bought ours, they threw their old ones out and bought the exact same as us.

They stole our date night idea that my fiancé and I had been doing for nearly two years, they’re always watching what we’re doing, moving into a different room when we leave a room, deciding to cook or do the washing straight after we do ours and as of late, they have been coming home shortly after or at virtually the same time. Even when we leave to go out, they decide to do the same thing.

I’m so sick of hearing that imitation is the sinceriest form of flattery. It’s friggin creepy and I don’t know how much longer I can deal with it. If we speak to them, they’ll deny it.

Sorry for the vent. Has anyone else felt as though their identity is being mimicked and it’s driven them crazy?

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Community Champion

Hi, welcome

Arghh, no I haven't and sorry if I find it somewhat amusing.

On the serious side it would be annoying. Unfortunately for you, it seems you are so straight and honest as well as open, you don't think of the ways you can counter such behavior.

Apart from moving out again (do consider it) what about reversing your decision? EG You both say you are going out for the evening. You leave, go to a park for 30 minutes then return home?

I must say that a shared home is an unhappy home, the same when young couple live with parents etc. It rarely works.

Hope that helps.