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Partner suddenly falling out of love with me

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Hi everyone,

I need advice. My partner has suddenly fallen out of love with me and he can't tell me how, why or when. He's on medication for his OCD and he has told me that he has no feelings towards anything and is feeling numb. He'll make jokes and laugh but still feel numb. After this, I have done some research and I believe his medication may be causing him to feel like this however, he says he likes having no feelings. What can I do to support him? I love him and I don't want to lose him to this.

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Community Champion

Hi MissyT1995,

welcome to beyond blue.

As you read this please be aware that I am just another user on the forum and describing my own experiences to you...

I have spoken with my psych* about this - I am on medication and finally on one that works for me, but find that it does mute the highs and lows. One way of looking at it is that it prevents the LOW lows. Not ideal but that is the way it is. I have also gone through a number of different medications to find the one that works best for me - the one that works for other people does not work for me. Also tried at different levels. In all cases, my psychiatrist would ask me about what I was feeling and whether it was working for me or not. If you and your partner do not think the medication is working,... have you spoken with your GP or who prescribed the medication about the effects it is having on him?

It can be hard to the find the right medication and right dosage level. After many years on one medication, my dad switched to another because the other one seemed to be no longer effective.

Finally, can I ask if your partner is doing any talk therapy? Does he have ways to find any positives in a day? There are many other questions. For you, there is also a section on the BB website about supporting others with mental health issues.

Hope some of this helps,