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Partner diagnosed with depression and now he’s cheating on me

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My partner has been diagnosed with depression 4 weeks ago. Since then he’s completely shut down on me and won’t see me.

Before this he was having problem in the bedroom and when we started discussing it that’s when this all came out about the depression, I helped him to get help and have been trying to support him but he’s completely shut down on me saying he’s emotionally exhausted and needs space.

The other day I found out he’s cheated on me, and also he’s on tinder and doing god knows what. I’m so heart broken.

He said the issues with the bedroom concerned him and he had to see if it could work otherwise he’s not a man.

I’m so confused and I don’t understand what is going on. He started meds a few weeks ago and since then it’s like he’s spiraling

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Community Champion

Hi, welcome

We are limited in talking about meds and we arent professional medical staff.

Medication for MI usually starts to take effect around the 6 week mark.

His disloyalty is pure unfaithful behabiour. His excuse "to prove he is a man" is ridiculous.

The following thread highlights some basic behaviour for suffeters towards their carer. Use google

Beyondblue Topic who cares for the carer?

I suggest you rethink your future. Of course if you make that move be gentle but firm and determined. Grief will hit you but time will heal and you will blossom