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Our son was charged with murder

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Does anyone know of any support groups for parents with criminal children? We can't get ourselves out of this depressed state of bewilderment and need to talk to other parents coping with same issues. Our son was 18 yrs old when he was charged. 
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This is hurt me so much.  I am the mother of a 16 ur old currently being chaeged with murder we haven’t been to court yet but I am struggling 

Hi, welcome


This is a very old post. I responded some 8 years ago. Nevertheless, I suggest you start your own thread just seek the depression section and start new topic.


I'm sad you aren't coping, it must be really hard for you. Try to remember that the stronger you are the happier your child will be. Also many things are out of your control which would rob you of your parenting but on the other hand, there is no point worrying over such matters. That's why it's taken over your emotions. Have you spoken to your doctor?