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Ex husband keeps texting me

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I was married to my ex husband for 15 years and being separated for 9 years in November.. due to a toxic relationship.. we are not divorced but separated 


The last 9 months he has being suffering from pstd and keeps saying he wants to harm himself.. he just doesn't text me he texts our adult daughters too, and sends my eldest daughter into meltdowns (she has Asperger's) 


I am feeling stressed out about the whole situation, and have raised my concerns to my GP about my ex, he advised me to call the police or ambulance for a welfare check.. 


This has happened when I was living with him as well, he goes into mind games and stirs up alot of things .. 


I feel like he is trying to blame me for the way he is feeling.. 


Help please .. 


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Community Champion
Community Champion

Dear new Member~

Welcome here to the Forum, a good place to gain perspectives from others. It can be very upsetting to have someone text they are going to harm themselves and if you have a sensitive daughter it is not surprising she becomes overwhelmed.


As I don't know the circumstances of your marriage or parting I would not know why he contacts you all. I guess  it could be a genuine cry for help what very down and frightened, equally it could be a method of trying to gain control, and uses this as a threat, pushing the sympathy button.


Either way I think your GP has given you the best advice, get the police or ambulance (via 000) to do a welfare check. Be prepared though for him to say there is nothing wrong and you are trying to be a nuisance. Some people have very smooth tongues and present well.


I'd suggest you keep the texts to show he instigated the matter.


I'm not sure you can do that much more at this stage, you have looked after his welfare and done the right thing. Is there any reason your daughters cannot block his number just leaving you to deal with any  future occasions?


If you would like please let us know how you get on, you are welcome anytime