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Other woman claiming to be pregnant

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I have been in this relationship for better part of 10 years, my partner took a job at the start of the year which required him not to come home - early start, late finishes, then I found out that another female was there needless to say I had my suspicions. Then she messaged me saying she was pregnant with his child, we had been in a break to sort things out. He told me that he did indeed have relations with her but with no intention to be with her, however, she has threatened me, sent over 40 messages claiming he is kicking me out so she can move in, has vandalised his things, gone through everything blabbed around the town personal information. She claimed that she would provide test results, but it’s been three days and nothing, she refuses to do a DNA test on said child. I’m fearful because I don’t see her stopping until she gets what she wants which seems to be my life, the house etc. does anyone have any insight into what I should do? Ignore her until she can prove otherwise? Counseling? I’m struggling to see the end to which lengths she will go. I feel what she has sent is half truths and what she wants me to believe. She is going to the extent of driving past, wanting to confront me. I feel that she is claiming to be pregnant to keep him, I feel she needs some professional help.
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Thank you, I think that’ll be all for now. Just leave as what will be will be, not much use stressing about things that are out of my control.

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So months later, this person once again comes out of the woodwork and claims she is pregnant to my partner, all the while she is in a relationship with someone else (until that ends whom she was with when she would have actually conceived) she claimed to be due in September, now October, first it was a girl now a boy, I know she had an ultrasound on the 15th April and she was 15w1d, but originally what she told me she should have been 20w, partner is denying it and it more than willing to do a DNA test. She is known to be a trouble maker, I'm finding it really difficult to deal with all this. Then she goes and adds his mother (my mother in law) on Facebook whom she doesn't know and starts a family war there. What would you do? What would you think? Has anyone been in this situation?


Your situation sounds very stressful and emotionally overwhelming. You must be so over this issue. Have you thought about going to local police to report this person. I would be looking at a restraining order and closing down or blocking this person from all forms of social media.

Then from there, anytime this person tries to engage with your husband, at least this way, you just need to contact the Police and then they handle the issue directly with her. If she were to continue to stalk you and your husband (theoretically, since she is stalking your husband, she is legally indirectly abusing you in that aspect).

I have lawful knowledge in this area. You must also be aware that you or your Husband must not make contact with this person to appear to them that you both do not exist so that she can deal with her little fantasy.

Police won't do anything have already spoken to them, and they won't bother. So now I'm left with a waiting game and to see what else surfaces.