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In law trouble

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Hi all I am after some advice from anyone who may have experience dealing with a similar situation. How do you handle when you don't get along with your inlaws very well? We use to get along okay but since my 3 children have come along, my inlaws have become jealous of my own parents as obviously I am closer to them, and so they treat them poorly (ignore them, leave them out of things) and this makes me really cross. I don't like seeing my parents left out and treated unfairly when they have done nothing wrong. It makes me not want to be around the inlaws ever but obviously there are times where I have to. My parents dont want to bring the issue up with them as they dont want to start a family war, but not sure how to get it through to the inlaws that their behaviour is not acceptable. We all live very close (within a few streets of each other) so that makes it all even harder!
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Hi, welcome

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It is difficult to do but a meeting with your in-laws might be fruitful. You might choose to directly bring up the subject but tact is your friend.