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I was in a relationship i am glad that i am no longer in tho i am struggling is prolly an understatement and a half.. i have lost the plot well and truely and have no interest in continuing .. i was too late to leave this person and i am so f*&**ed up its not funny , i tried to forget the horrors and be normal and do normal day things but that lasted till last week and now i have lost the plot...  i noted in my diary the day i knew i had totally lost any concepts of being ok..

i have not slept for 3 days... i am rambling .. thats where im at  OH DEAR.. where is this going to end!!
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Dear Rodder,

Must have been one hell of a relationship.   I'm always having trouble with sleep so might suggest that a GP or psychiatrist assist with short term meds to keep up your sleep.    There are methods to getting to sleep, believe it or not.  Basically, if you're not nodding off in 20 mins you've got to get up and change the routine and try again later.  That way you're not just lying for hours being in limbo.

If your sleep pattern and chaotic condition don't improve maybe a quick assessment the local psych hospital would be good.  Those anxious thoughts aren't going to go away without some help.  Try and be a bit proactive.

Adios, David.

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dear Roddor, you are well and truly upset, as obviously a hell of a lot has been going on all in a negative direction, and it's all sounds to be awful for you.

Under the 'get support' which is above please ring them or ring lifeline 13 11 14 if you feel that you maybe in any danger.

I am really worried about your diary comment and very concerned for you, so please get back to us, hopefully by the time this has gone through the filter you may have been able to get some sleep.

Your doctor would be able to break this cycle, but they will only give you enough for a day or so, or maybe your pharmacist will dispense them to you on a daily routine.

Please I implore you to get back to us. Geoff.