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no birthday wishes

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Well I suppose I didn't expect anything different, so that's what I got. Yesterday was my birthday. My boys made me gorgeous cards &helped me make a cake for us & that was pretty much it. I've shared my birthday with my late dad for 45 out of my 47 years, so it was never just my day. I've never had a party just for me. I have now realised the couple of (sort of) friends I thought I had, I haven't. Just makes me feel pretty shitty that no one cares. at least Jack-the-dog sits with me when I cry

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Hi Red girl

I care about you, so that is why I am going to sing happy birthday to you. I hope this is a little different for you now this year.


Happy Birthday to you

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday dear red girl....

Happy birthday to you!


Hey I am glad you have some boys that made you some gorgeous cards. That is way precious.

In kindness

Shell xx

Hi red girl

I was raised with high expectations for certain dates.

If I missed a birthday I'd be criticised. If I couldn't afford s mothers day gift I was condemned. You get the picture.

So one day I realised that these special days, anniversaries as well are merely man made. They simply reflect the position of the earth at the same time in its orbit.

Real special days are when friends share a shoulder or a private chat or even when someone says "I love you" .

Our feeling of rejection is not a reflection of love. You are loved ....but they forgot your birthday.

I'd only worry when they forgot my name...

Tony WK

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Hi redgirl_blackdog. I think it was lovely of your boys to remember. I'd rather have time with my kids to reflect and look back on happy times we shared, than worry about who else remembers or not. My ex in-laws used to send me 'scratchies' every year. I do not like or appreciate scratchies, to me they're a waste of money. I too send you birthday greetings, enjoy your cake. When you think about kids and the fact that they often get wrapped up in their own world, it's nice to think that they remembered you. Tony's 100% right about your friends too, it was probably an oversight. Perhaps they thought they sent you something.


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Mmmm, pets are so good for making you feel better. I'm not convinced any human can do what an animal can when it comes to cheering up or at least feeling less bad... I feel sorry for those who don't have a pet to share it with.


thank you Shell


thank you too Lynda, the cake was delicious. My boys only remembered because it was written on the calendar. Unfortunately Tony is mistaken, they were only acquaintances, who don't care & I know because they don't know my birthdate & don't know my name or how to spell it. Thanks for your wishes, Carey

Sorry Tony, one has to have friends for them to know your name then forget your birthday... I was raised with the same type of expectations, but it would still be nice to be recognized for another year on this earth, without prompting. Thanks for your response tho, Carey

Hi Lazykh, yes I agree about pets, my dog does the whole body wag, not just his tail, and I'm sure he tries to talk to me in his own strange way. Funny thing, he's a black lab. Not sure if irony is the right word... Carey

dear Carey, I used to eat most of the cake mixture and Mum always wondered why it never raised up, until one day she caught me, the mixture I love more than the cake, but Carey, Many Happy returns to you from me and all of us.
What flavour cake was it with hundreds and thousands I'm sure. Geoff.