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I am 31 years old I am a mother of 8 and have been married for 14 years.

I am needing some help on what to do......so here is the story

we have been married for 14 years through out this marriage I have suffered some physical abuse however have not now for about 1 year however emotional abuse every day since marriage up until now.

mind you I cook clean washing take care of all my children showers baths clothing changing nappies all by my self

get kids ready for school pick up and drop them all off.

Also get husband ready for work early hours of the morning make him lunch dinner coffees and buy stupid alcohol.

I am getting to the point where I have had enough I want a life with my children only but I don't know how to leave

am scared and worried about leaving.

worried about needing a house for my children I want to take all my household stuff with us.

scared if I don't have enough support that I will feel like I need to come back to him.

I don't have any friends because I am not allowed I don't have my family support because I choose my husband over my family.

I do everything for his family.

he has worked on and off moving from job to job. I have worked over the years and juggled him and kids for a long time but its the abuse and the alcohol I need to get away from.

please need support and advice please


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Summer Rose
Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Helpwanted

Welcome to the bb forum and thank you for sharing your story. Please know that you have arrived at a place of kindness and support.

I am sorry that you find yourself in such a difficult situation. I think you are very brave for reaching out and for wanting to make a change for the better for you and your children.

If you are in immediate danger don't hesitate to call 000.

I'm not an expert but I would like to encourage you to make an exit plan. There is a national organisation called White Ribbon that can help. Maybe you'd like to give them a call on 1800 737 732 to talk it through. Your GP or local police department may also be able to help you make plans.

The main priority has to be to keep you and your children safe--and you already know that. You will get to safety, one step at a time. Start with a well thought out plan.

There may be others who have walked in your shoes or who have more experience than me who will likely respond here, too. You can lean on this community as much or as little as you need.

Courage to you

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hello 87, I'm pleased you've come to the forums and offer a warm welcome to you.

I'm sorry that you have been physically abused and now emotionally mistreated is not what anybody should ever have to cope with, especially with the enormous amount of work you have to do each and every day.

In your comment, you have also mentioned alcohol which can always cause many problems for any marriage/relationship.

For you to get a house suitable for 8 children then perhaps you could go and see Anglicare, especially if you want to leave him, other charities may also be of some help, but that's the secondary problem, the first is to leave him and you have made up your mind.

I would also go to your real estate agent and your privacy will always be kept private, no information can be relaid unless you give permission.

This is something you need to keep to yourself, unfortunately, because you don't want anybody to let him know.

OK, let's jump ahead a bit and if you find a house and remember Centrelink can help you out with bond money etc., then get the real estate to organise putting on your utilities, then plan and organise to move out while he is at work.

There's more to add but hope you can get back to me.

Best wishes.


Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi Helpwanted,

Thanks for posting and welcome to the forums.

It sounds from your post that you have made up your mind to leave and are not sure how to go about it.

I agree with Geoff that housing is the first issue you need to get sorted. Anglicare certainly is a good place to start for help finding a home.

You could also try calling the 1800 RESPECT hotline (1800 737 732). Which is a 24 hour confidential information and counselling service set up to support people impacted by abuse.

You said you are no longer in contact with your family because you chose your husband over them in the past. Have you considered asking them for help? If you feel like you can let them know what has been happening, they might be willing to forgive any old issues and help you. I know if my sister cut me off then told me she needed help leaving her abusive husband I would 100% be there for her no matter what she had said to me in the past.

Please keep posting if you are able.


Community Member

Hi jess and Geoff,

Wow didn't really think anyone would apply to this.

Thank you so much for your help for replying to my post you don't know how much I appreciated it.

Firstly Anglicare that would be a great start as I have never knew they helped in these situations. So I will try and get in contact with them.

I rent through housing in affordable housing I emailed my property manager yesterday just waiting for a response on how she might be able to help. I did stress to her in the email to keep it private and he is not to know and she is not able to ring me home.

Centerlink on the other hand do not help with bond loans they will only help with changing over my payments from partnered to single however there is a problem they need a third party to otherwise that. A friend or family member from both sides mine and his are needing to write a letter and send it to centerline to confirm our separation once I leave I apply for single pension. Which that will be hard.

Leaving is the hard thing getting a removals to remove all mine and children's stuff I don't want to leave the essentials we will definitely need especially children's stuff.

Do you know a removals company that might want to help.

I definitely want to leave I don't think anything will change my mind.

As for my family a few years ago they messaged me on face book and, told me my grandmother had passed away I was half way up to queensland and my mum rang and told me not to come. I told her ok then no one from the family ever let me know what happens again don't wanna know anything.

So the family plan is out sorry but it was a good idea.

As for money wise he kind of controls every thing that goes into both our bank accounts because I have to withdrawal all money the days it comes in and give it all to him.

So in Regards to leaving with money think I am stuck there

Don't know what to do......

A house is definitely needed because of kids and school but using the phone to contact people is very hard a limited ......

If any other ideas please let me know will check back in a few hours

Thanks again for the advice and caring

Dear Helpwanted

It's a rare day when someone writes in and does not get a reply. We make sure everyone gets and answer, hopefully within 24 hours but a shorter time is preferable.

I suggest you google 'domestic violence' and add your state. Also Women's Legal Service as they can send you to a lawyer for a free consultation. Not sure if it's one or two sessions but this will help you with your rights about leaving and what you can take. Try DVConnect Womensline Phone: 1800 811 811 This is a national helpline available 24/7. They can tell you about getting a home or going to a shelter.

Does your husband read emails? Will there be a problem there? Ask the lawyer when you see him/her about informing the police when you go. Perhaps they can be on hand on moving day in case of trouble. Not sure if this is feasible but worth asking.

I stayed with my husband for 30 years which was far too long. Eventually I found the courage to leave but by then the children had grown up and left home. It was easier in that respect but going was still hard. I did a lot of pre-planning and organising so that moving day was easier. I hope you are staying strong. Why not move the day you withdraw the money from your account. Set up an account in your name with a different bank and put the cash in that account. You do need money to start with as CentreLink etc will not be able to supply cash immediately, as I understand it. I may be wrong about that.

Please keep in touch and let us know how you are going.


Hi again,

The red tape that Centrelink puts on people is absolutely ridiculous. How do they expect newly separated women to ask for a letter from their exs family?! I would take Mary's advice and see if you can get some free legal advice and ask the lawyer about that as well. I am sure there is a way to gain an exemption, but you need someone who knows the system. For example maybe they will accept a letter from the lawyer or your doctor instead.

I hope you can find a removalist company. Try looking at Gumtree for a cheap company. Or ask Anglicare if they can help / suggest someone.

Kind thoughts,


Hello 87, hope you don't mind me calling you this, please let me know if you want me to change it.

Centrelink won't help you with public housing but it will if you decide to go private if you can still get public that's the way to go.

You could also contact Quantum another part of public housing and it's where someone I knew had to go bankrupt so we had to find somewhere for him to live pronto, and our second visit was to Quantum and someone understands his urgent need and provided him with a flat straight away.

I agree with Jess and ask Anglicare about a removalist.

With the money try and work out how you can 'pretend' to forget or get caught up with something else telling him the money will be there tonight, instead you use for your own needs to move.

Best wishes.


Community Member

Hi everyone,

I will try and answer every ones questions here.

First in regards to the question does he read the emails?

well yes he does we have two email accounts both linked to our phones my phone fell in the toilet a month back so I refused to get a new one.

so both emails are linked to his account on his phone which I could not use any of those emails for anything. so I set up a new email account secretly and I use my computer for all of this stuff needed.

as In regards to Centrelink I know it is pretty stupid how they work however and very happy to say

once I leave here I can go to a Centrelink office with my children and apply for an immediate change over of payments under domestic violence . Centrelink then must change over everything with out needing a third party. I can also apply for an immediate part payment to assist with me if needed. But I am then short the next pension payment but if it is needed it is needed

Having a bit of problems with accommodation because I have such a big family there is not many services that can accommodate this many people..

Housing on the other hand are not able to help due to the fact it is affordable housing they can not give me a transfer as I will not be able to work with the children.

I have however stressed to them that I am able to return to Coles as I still have an active transfer in place however I am needing to return to work before they will be able to assist me with a transfer which I think is really stupid due to the circumstances

I however will feel more comfortable in a private rental I have reached out to a few real estates about 50km away who are willing to assist me.

I do have salvation army who may be able to help with removal of my house hold goods only for a small fee

I think that is all at this stage I have put of leaving for a bit until I know I have accommodation for my children because that is the best and safest option for my children at this point.

if I have put up with this for 14 years I think I can take it for maybe another week

well if yous can assist with anything else that would be great sorry if I didn't answer everyone's questions as I am typing and watching 3 children .

thank you all once again for all the support .

and Geoff really don't care about the name its the support I care about so thank you for the help to you and everyone best regards everyone and have a great weekend things are slowly moving in the right direction fingers crossed we get there in the end

Community Member

hi everyone,

just quick update on everything.

first answer to your question about the email yes he does read them that is why I had to go and set up a different email account.

second about Centrelink so this is good news once I leave him I go to a centrelink office report to them about the physical and emotional abuse and they will automatically update all information I am able to get a emergency payment there and then to use for kids and me however it means less money the week after which will be very hard.

as for a removalist I am waiting to hear back from salvation army they might be able to help for a small few I just need to let them know when exactly it might happen.

as for housing they are unable to help me even though I rent through them my house is affordable housing so one of us has to be working to have an active lease here. Even though it is in my name I am not eleigable for a transfer even though I have stressed them I will be returning back to work as I still have an active transfer in place for employment.

I have a few services who are trying to assist with accommodation until I get in to the private rental is where I feel I would rather rent through then housing.

other then that. that's it for now I don't have much more information I have however put of leaving for a while until I have a house ready to go for my children where I know we will be safe in.

I think that is the best option right now to wait until I have secured accommodation then leave.

if I have put up with this for 14 years then I think another week might not hurt.

in regards to Geoff about your questions the name does not really matter to me the fact that you an everyone else is given your time to show support and give some help and advice is all that matters.

thank you all so much I will keep up dating as things work out everyone have a good weekend thank you all so much fingers crossed we get out sooner then later.