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Need help winning a woman’s heart

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Hey guys I’m 25 and as I was young I never had much confidence and when I was 19 that all changed I made sure I was always walking with my head held high and i would always chase what I wanted and I always got it now I got introduced to this girl about 3 weeks ago and we always hang out as we have mutual friends and I love her personality she’s actually my dream girl so I’ve done all the right things always heaving her hand and walking with her but she’ll pull away sometimes I make her laugh like you wouldn’t believe I always but her stuff like heaps of food if we go out everything’s on me I get her cute gifts I take her everywhere but she always comes with her bestie which happens to be our mutual friend and we have gone out once together but was just like 30 minutes and she didn’t talk to me much I have tried every thing to get her to show some affection towards me but noting but she does drop hints like she’ll try and tease me she’ll give me the cheeky winks but nothing seems to work I played the nice guy and nothing I played the serious guy nothing worked I went in the middle and that failed I know how to make girls fall in love with me I always get the girl I want and with her nothing girls normally chase me but I feel like I lose my cool around her as she’s everything I want in a woman from personality to body type to even her hair I don’t know what to do I’m lost every time I hug her she’s like stop like wth lol how am I going to make this girl fall I love with me so we can move forward
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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi Assaad and thanks for coming back to the forums.

What an usual question! My first thought reading your thread title was she is a person not a prize to win.

Maybe this sounds harsh to you. If so I apologise. But in my view if a man is acting like a player I'm going to think that is exactly what he is (a player).

You talked about playing the nice guy and playing the serious guy. And making women fall for you. That's all great if you're a player and all you're after is a casual fling. But for something more.... Not going to cut it.

How about dropping the act and just being you? Or being honest and telling her you like her company and are looking to try something long term with her if she is keen. Just let her know you're interested and then leave it up to her to choose. By all means flirt and have fun but just stop persuing her actively.

Give her a chance to get to know you without performing or pressuring (which to be honest often feels like a ploy just to get a woman into bed).

No judgement here by the way. I just mean in the current state of the world a lot of women are wary of the player attitude. You sound genuine but I just wanted to show you another perspective. No idea if it will help.