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My parents gave all their inheritance to my eldest brother while they are still alive, I feel betrayed.

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Hi there,
This is something I have been battling with emotionally for a while. My nan passed away three years ago. She had three children left (including my dad) and she left all her inheritance to my dad (which included a home worth about 1.2 mill at the time)he told her it was a mistake because her other children would then contest the will, she should leave them something. She didn't and when she passed about 11 months later surprise they contested the will (as they should have).
The court proceedings lasted about 6 months. I was never allowed to come with them, instead they took my eldest brother to help them through. After the case was over, they ruled that my dad was to split the profits of my nans house (his childhood home) between the three siblings including himself and the grandchildren (five grandchildren including myself) were to get the rest of her savings split between them (roughly 25k each). At the time of the case, they got an agent to under-value the house to only 900k.
All fairly simple, should have been an easy situation.
Instead of selling the home, they asked my eldest brother to take out a loan to pay off my dads siblings and children. He had no assets so they paid 20k for his name to be put on the dead to the home as a co-owner with my father. (my other brother and I received no money)
I was told that the house would be sold and my brother paid off for the loan he took out. Since then...
My father has removed his name from the deed, making my eldest brother the sole owner. When i confronted them about this they said my other brother and i would receive their current home split between us. The home we are currently in would not be worth more than 900k. and the home they just gave my brother is now valued at over 1.5Mill. They are also planning on selling their current home and downgrading to live off the profits because they are now in such a very bad financial situation.
I honestly could not care if they kept all the money and did not give us anything, I'd rather them go travelling and live their best life. Its more the fact that they have given my eldest brother SO much and they get to see him financially stable and raise a family. I have had no financial help from my parents, I have asked them for help and been denied. My parents have helped financially towards both my brothers weddings and my mum said today that they would not even have the money to buy me a wedding dress. Every time i mention this,I am told to "get over it"
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HI, welcome

This is a very common situation and I might add, much more a financial issue to be sorted/consulted with lawyers than seeking advice on a mental health forum.

Thats where I would direct my efforts. Legal issues are complex and advice is needed from those expert in law.


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ou have outlined a complex family situation. I agree with Tony you need legal advice . You also need to think what a drawn out legal advice may mean to your relationship with your brother.

Can you talk to your brother? Would your family be able to go to mediation to talk through the issues before seeking legal advice.

All the best