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My head is spinning

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I feel so lost, my husband doesn't care for my tears or spirals, he does what he wants and expects me to go along with it even not telling me things then says I'm controlling, I just want the respect & him to acknowledge that I need him to help me through this, I cry for no reason, iv told him im going to see a counselor & he says we will be over cause they put shit in your head and that he is there for me but he's really not,I want to see my family who live over an hr away while his family live in the same town as us and he's always going there but we don't see my family,he wants nothing to do with them, I have 2 children & they are the only ones keeping me here, I'm at a real low and am struggling to get out of it, i was diagnosed with depression, anxiety, PTSD and OCD a few yrs ago due to my past relationship, when I told my husband I'm losing it he says "here we go again your always doing this". Is this really my fault? 😭😭😭
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Hi SitsAlone,

This sounds so difficult! I am deeply sorry to hear that you are in this situation. Wanting to go see a counselor is actually a sign of strength in my opinion, as it means that you have been brave enough to recognise when you need help. It is proactive! I haven't found myself in a situation like yours, but I wanted to share with you some strength and positive energy. It sounds to me like you are trying to hold yourself together whilst running on empty. It must be exhausting! Please do not blame yourself for having feelings and wanting to heal.

If visiting a counselor may be difficult, I would recommend calling Beyond Blue so that you can speak to them about how you are feeling. Sometimes we really need to be heard! Do not punish yourself for doing your best. You have been so very strong and it took a lot of courage to post here.

Sending best wishes