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My Family Found my Explicit Photos

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I'm 36 and a few months ago when I fell in love with a Chinese woman that I was talking to online, I took some explicit photos of myself for her using my parents' phones and she loved them. She even took some of herself for me.

Now, I remembered to cut and paste the photos off the phone into a private folder on my computer yet yesterday my family found a few still on their phones. I had to completely deny any knowledge about them or having done them, especially when hearing mum say things like "They're disgusting" and "It makes me shudder when I think about them."

The woman in question wants nothing more to do with me which I'm perfectly fine with. Not because I said or did something wrong but because I would no longer be talking to her on a site where either you pay by time or AUD300 a month just for 1500 daily transaction characters. She found emailing to be too slow.

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Hi adamc,

I'm so sorry you find yourself in this nightmare scenario! May I ask if the photos feature your face? If so, you don't have plausible deniability and your best option is to simply come forward. If not, you may be able to get away with denying it and have your parents either chalk it up as one of those weird things (depending on how good their understanding of digital technology is), or they choose to "believe" you for the sake of avoiding mutual embarrassment. I don't think any of these scenarios are the end of the world.

Sending explicit photos to potential partners is now a pretty normal part of modern courtship, for lack of a better term. There's no need to feel shame. But in the future I would highly encourage you to avoid using other peoples' devices, and to be extra careful to preserve your privacy and discretion.



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The photos showed my whole body as I believe if you don't include your face, the other person has no idea that it's really you. While they do say they'd never cheat you with fake photos, sometimes you never really know.

I have overheard mum talking to dad about it and wants to make sure that it'll never happen again. As I am totally through with finding a love interest (every woman who expressed interest was only pretending) it will never happen again.