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My Best Friends Husband has Passed away :-(

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My Best Friends Husband sadly passed away nearly 2 years ago,I wanted to know if there is anyone else out there that is going through Grieving after the passing of their loved one? I don't know what to do or say to make My BFF feel Happy anymore 😞 she is so lost without her wonderful Husband!

Anyone else out there who has lost their loved one could you help me to help her.



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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni
hello Caz, I am just so sorry for your friend to lose her husband, because at the moment there is hole left in her which can't seemed to be filled.
There are people on this site that have lost someone very close to them and it's very hard for them to move on, because birthdays, anniversaries and any other dates which are so important make it so difficult.
Her feelings must be that she doesn't want to do anything you suggest the two of you to do, because she doesn't have the energy, interest to participate or what's the purpose in life when he may have gone so suddenly.
She must never feel guilty and not believe as though this is a way for there to be any connection between the two of them, I'm sure that it's not be what her husband would ever want.
There are grieving groups which she may have gone to and if not then it would be a good idea so she can listen to other people who have been able to overcome and fill the hole left in losing someone, they are sad but what they do is to talk about other avenues she could approach.
There is never a good time to say goodbye and death has a way of making daily life feel inconsequential and meaningless, but now she can carry her husband with her where ever she goes, to feel strong that she has him with her all the time, and that's something to be very proud of. Geoff. x

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Thanks Geoff for your help! When My Best Friend wants to see me,as she just wants to be alone at the moment,I will certainly tell her about this site 🙂 Her husband was an Amazing Husband,Dad & Friend.He will be missed by all.We have known each other for 15 years now.They have 2 Beautiful Children too,a 20 year old Son & a 18 year old Daughter,they too are grieving,but sadly My Friend is in no state to look after them.I think if she contacts this site she might start to feel like there are other Wives going through the same Dilemma.Once again,Thankyou.