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Centrelink conplaint

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8 months ago was when I hit rock bottom with my depression instead of suicide I turned to my family for help, at first they where great got me to go to see a doctor try different medication etc after a couple of months my family needed answers WHY? Not really having the answer of course the blame was pointed towards illegal drugs and a when is this going to end this couldn't be far from the truth of course me taking things to hart this just made me more distant from them all. I had to move out of my home for the good of my children and constant fighting with my wife it seemed better sleeping on aquatint's lounge chairs garden sheds where ever my sickness benefit would provide, on the 4th of January centrelink stop my payments because they misplace my medical certificate they said just get another one with not a single dollar to my name this is not possible it cost me 52 dollars to see my gp I've explained this but they don't care I've gone through all avenues. I now sleep on the streets eating what ever I can find like an animal now I've hit rock bottom and lost all hope because someone can't do there job. Mental health assistance in this country is a real crap show.
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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Bilbo1980,

Thank you for reaching out, this sounds like a very difficult time for you, I can't imagine how you must be feeling so my heart goes out to you. I understand the frustration of the mental health system and how it is hard to get good help if you don't have money and a health fund and it is like a vicious cycle. I have experienced similar myself and don't get me started on centrelink, I think alot of people are having issues with this. My suggestion is to find a DR who bulk bills to write a medical certificate or to try to get the one you had from the previous DR and I'm sorry but I don't have many resources for homelessness and food but if you call our line on 1300 22 4636 I am sure they will. There is also Lifeline 131114 and Salvation army are always very helpful in my experience 13 72 58 and also Vinnies depending on your location, whatever your local office is, they are helpful with food and other resources. Please don't give up hope if you can sort out your basic needs first then you can begin to work on other issues. Please keep in touch and let us know how you are going or if there is anything else we can do. Best Wishes Nikkir x