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marriage failing

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married in 2009, best year of my life


falling apart now. our issue is trust. she doesnt trust me because shes insecure ill be w/ any female ive ever known. i try desperately to explain shes the only 1 4 me but she rejects all my assurances, apologies, attempts to massage her, etc. i feel so hurtt & unwanted. i never did anytjing & have a hard time with this rejection.

she is moving on & i find it so hard because its not wht i want. i try so hard to show her i am trustworthy & have nothing to hide but she seems to be set in her way of leaving me regardless. i feel like i am a loser for not taking a hint. i feel so betrayed because i feel this is all a faux excuse out of our marriage. i feel she must be seeing other men brhind my back & feel so hurt but cannot find the strength to leave her in any case. i will try any approach. what should i do?

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dear Drifter, welcome to BB and thanks for posting your comment.

Your comment has actually been reversed, because at first she is blaming you for having it off with other women, and now she has left and you are worrying that she is having it off with other men, so can I ask you a few questions.

I am interested in how the marriage was going in a general way, financially and how your sex life was going, bit personally I know but may help.

From what has been said it appears that the both of you are worried about your spouse being dishonest and that marriage counselling would be a good idea.

Now from what I have said in my reply I don't want to scare you away, which means that you may not come back to us and then reply, because we are only thinking aloud. Geoff.