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Marriage breakup

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Im having a really tough time as my wife and i have just seperated, i feel absolutely ripped apart, we have 3 kids 12 5 and 7 months, i have been a depressed mess for 18 months and she always stuck by me and helped me so much, we have been together for 13 years and got married nearly 2 years ago, i cant stop crying, im a very emotional person but this is so hard, everything seems pointless, like whats the point of doing anything if theres no one to share it with im really scared about the future as im so use to having my family always there i dont know what to do, i get to have the kids 6 night a fortnight which is great but still feel empty

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Valued Contributor
Hello Mamba, I'm so sorry that you're in so much pain right now. It's so hard when your family is at the centre of your life and you feel like your foundations have been totally shaken. It sounds like you've been struggling for quite some time now, and you relied a great deal on your wife for support during the worst times. Separation is a tough road to walk on your own, who else do you think you can call on at the moment to have around you? Friends, other family members?

When there's a big loss in life, it can help to try and establish some new routines to help you cope with the sadness and grief you'll be feeling. Things will be tough for a while, but putting some simple things in place that give you things to look forward to should help. It seems like you have sorted out some times for when you will have the children come to visit, you could start by planning those days and thinking about what that time might look like. How are the children coping with the separation?