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I’ve had problems with addiction since I was probably 16, I got clean off of a certain anxiety medication about a year ago and I’m super proud of myself, but that’s not where the addiction stops, I have problems with vaping, I’ve tried to stop and I just can’t I’ve tired Nicolette chewies, I’ve tried cold turkey.

it’s now effecting my relationship with my girlfriend because I’m lying about it, idk why I keep lying but I do, she’s caught me with vapes on multiple occasions where I’ve said I don’t have one, idk what to do to help save my relationship and to help me quit them, it’s effecting my mental health as well as hers

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Community Champion

Dear New Member~

I'd like to welcome you here to the Forum a place where others have had the same sort of addiction problems, and the lying that naturally seems to follow


I guess I'd have to say that this is a three-person problem, it's not all just on your shoulders. Actually you do not sound from what you said you are someone who habitually lies for no reason at all, quite the opposite, you do not want to disappoint your girlfriend by letting her know the habit is still there.


So can I suggest you seek professional help for the vaping and any other addiction you may have (apologies if it is only the one). It takes a specialist in addictions to be really effective, so it might take you and your GP some time to find a psychologist or other professional that suits.


You of course have a pert to play, and it is not an easy one, though anyone that can ween themselves off a potent antidepressant  is someone to be reckoned with.


Your girlfriend too would be helpful if firstly any confession you made was met with friendly sympathy, and any triumphs, no matter how small, are met wiht praise.


If you would like to let us know how you get on that would be great.





Firstly, great job giving up the medication. That’s a big achievement that you should be very proud of.

I feel your pain. I’ve had a problem with alcohol for years. I’ve also been hooked on Nicorette for years and couldn’t tell my husband about either of these because he’s so judgemental. As will always happen though, he’s found out and now and I’m supposedly the biggest liar that ever existed.

I’ve never lied about anything else but that was enough to really hurt him and I’m now facing a divorce after 25 years because of it. Such a small thing and so stupid but it’s life changing anyway.

Hope you’re ok?