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Love life

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Im 26years old in a serious 5+year relationship where im not so sure i love him anymore i see him more as a friend than my other half. I know i dont want to lose him but i dont know if i want to be with him anymore. I dont know what life is like without him but i want to know its just i know he doesnt want to have a break he wants to be together forever or not at all but i dont want to end it completely and then a month or so down the track realise ive made the biggest mistake of my life. I think if i was to make up my mind this very moment id say i want to be alone for a little bit but i know if i tell him that he will make the decision of walking away forever. Do i stay and try and work it out even though i know i need to be alone or do i say goodbye and walk away and maybe regret this for the rest of my life... i know if i need time away i have friends i can stay with but its not the same as being on my own and having alone time to find myself and work out my thoughts. I dont want him to never be in my life but i dont know if i want to be together for the rest of our lives..
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Is there anything going on between you that makes you feel that? I would suggest you think about that and have a good chat with him. If things do not get sorted out after this, then you should consider professional help like relationship counselling.

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hello Lostbuthappy, an interesting comment,because I'm sure this is how a lot of people would feel about their own r/ship.
You're been in a 5 year r/ship so it may seem as though you don't want to lose any friendship, because you have done so much over this period, however two people can't just live together if the spark has been blown out, sure you maybe able to do something that excites both of you, but if you don't want to even do that then you need a break.
If this does happen and you believe he will walk away, what does that say about your r/ship, and you could still stay friends, but over time this will dwindle away as you move on with your life.
There is no point being two people living together if there is no love and enjoyment anymore. Geoff.