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Looking for advice

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First time here,

Just looking at options if any. Been feeling low and depressed since my highschool days. Came to the point where Im having no emotions other then feeling sad/angry alone all the time. Noone knows I've always kept to.myself these days I just feel I'm.coming to the point where I'm tired and over it. I put on a face everyday at work and people around me. I don't have the energy to anymore

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Hi Space, welcome

For us veterans (in terms of experience) with mental illness I wished I knew more about my conditions when a lot younger.

A mixture of therapy, doctors advice, a doctors referral, peer groups like here, changes and research. That's going to have a lot of impact. Don't take away one item though or the house of cards fall and is less effective.

Changes- change of environment, hobbies, passions, career, schooling, better sleep pattern etc. are all good.


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So I'd recommend a visit to your GP. Tackle this logically. It's a condition so you need help. Take the view, it can be fixed to a satisfactory level.

Tony WK