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Is there something wring with me?

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Hello all. to start this discussion, I would just like to say that I am in the 15-18 age area, so take this to mind. This has all happened in the last few months. I am not overweight for my age, but I am a littler chubbier than the beauty standards would like me to be. I have become extremely insecure to the point where I told my mother I had period cramps to get out of going to school for three days. I got into a massive fight with my "friend". I decided to tell her how I was feeling one day, hoping she would help me and support me, but instead, she said "You're not the only one with mental health issues, stop trying to act special to get attention". I haven't talked too her since, and I've been eating lunch in the school bathrooms. Ever since then, I've been finding the smallest things people do extremely irritating, and a get angry so easily. Is here something wrong with me? Please help!

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there is nothing wrong with you but your friend wasn’t sure how to answer you. She was critical instead of being supportive. I am sorry you had this experience. 

it is sad that you reached out and then were made to feel bad about yourself, 

I think when you feel insecure little things can irritate you. I have found that too. 

kids helpline 1800551800 has trained staff who are understanding and supportive. 

Earth Girl
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Hi Alida,


No, there isn't anything wrong with you. I get what you are going through. I'm not overweight, but I'm very bottom heavy and feel insecure about it, especially during my school years and I was so worried about what other people would think about me that I tried not to eat lunch at school because I was worried that if they saw me eat, they would think I was "being fatty" even though it's something that everyone does and we need to do it to stay alive and stuff.


I'm sorry your friend misinterpreted what you are going through. She may realize one day that you weren't just attention seeking and will feel kind of bad about it.


If you are getting irritated easily, that can definitely be a sign of mental illness such as depression. Do you think you might have depression?


I read qurikywords answer and they say that feeling insecure can make you irritated easily. I didn't know that, but it does sound like it could very well be true. That might be why I felt this was during my school years. I can't even remember getting that mad most of the time, but people would say that I got furious over the smallest of things and blow up at people. My mental health was really bad.


If this is affecting you to the point where you feel the need to eat lunch in the school bathroom and it's also really affecting your mood, you are definitely going through a hard time and it would be great to reach out to a professional. There's nothing wrong with you, you're just going through a stressful time and professional help can really help with that.


Has anyone at school commented on your body and said that there is something "wrong" with it or did you just start feeling this way or was it a mix of different things?

i have heard several comments from my ‘friends’ saying I need to eat less when they think I can’t hear them. Once at a friends party I wore a tight dress and I got so many judgemental looks from them. One said hey look it’s a rectangle! Since I’m not very curvy. I asked mum to pick me up early and the others were going aww poor baby is homesick in mocking voices. I honestly hate how I look.

Dear Alida, 

Im really sorry to hear of your experiences. People can be mean sometimes, it doesn't make them right or something to listen to. Easy to say though. Are you speaking to a counsellor or kids lifeline? Please know life is beyond the small groups at school, you will find your tribe! Someone once said to me when I couldn't understand why a group didn't like me, or was being mean. "They just weren't your tribe, you had different values etc". You are you. Wear your dresses with pride, and know you shine beautifully just was you. I really hope you feel some connection with my words. Please stay with hope, and find a counsellor to help support you. With love x