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I'm new here

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Hi there I am new here and really don't know where to start. I guess I will tell you about myself. I'm from Canada and moved to Perth Australia back in 2018. I am married but planning on getting out once I get approved for my permanent visa in September. I thought I married a good man but instead I'm married to a narricist abuser. Not only am I constantly walking on eggshells but I am trying to work on myself as I suffer from major depression and anxiety disorders. I suffer from BPD and OCD. I am doing my best to work on myself but I am struggling. I'm trying to make friends here but once someone finds out about my current situation I don't usually hear back from them. I don't have any family here so why do I stay? I stay because I love Australia, the weather, my church family. The mental health services here are truly amazing. I finally have a great GP and a phycitrist. I also have my rescue dog Rosie who gives me love, joy and happiness each and every day. I feel I could make it work here in Australia but I am scared. I am scared of the unknown and I am scared of being alone.
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Hi, welcome

Please don't be scared. I travelled around this great country a lot when younger in the Air Force and post then, it has a lot to offer and mostly friendly safe to be with people.

You obviously are a kind and considerate person, also with your illnesses you need someone that is compassionate and patient. Being alone for a time afterwards will allow you to find yourself, seek knowledge of your illnesses without the stress of an abusive partner.

You seem to be doing a lot of worrying. Here is a thread you can read just the first post if you like.


We have a great library here, just use search or raise topics as you have already done.

Repost anytime


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Community Champion


welcome to the forum , and to Australia.

I am glad you listed all the positives about living in Australia.

Your church family is supportive and maybe can help you about being alone and scared.

What are you scared of .?

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Champion Alumni

Hi Ashley,

A very warm welcome to the forums, I am also a Canadian living in Australia. I have been living here for about 14 years now so I am very glad that you like the environment and culture.

I am so sorry to hear that you have been going through this, I am so glad you have a support system in your church family however I can understand how isolating and stressful it must be to be in your position.

Can I ask, have you spoken to your GP and psychiatrist about what you are going through?

We are definitely here for you!