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Struggling with full-time work and single parenthood

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Hi everyone,

I recently started a full-time job after being a stay at home mum for a long time. My partner and I separated earlier this year.

These are the first school holidays I've had to not spend as much time with my child. It's been harder than I imagined.

I started this job in a lockdown and have been working at home. It's been good for bring close to the school for after school care drop off and pick ups but it has been isolating not seeing my office or my co-workers in person.

I feel so guilty not having the time with my child even though I have quality time with her before and after work. Everything feels so busy and I feel pulled in every direction.

My ex partner is not very supportive and gets me to arrange everything.

I feel like I can't talk to my family. I honestly just want a hug.

I'm finding my job difficult and I'm not in a position where I can just give it up. I don't know how I'm going with it performance wide because of the work situation. I haven't met my boss.

I feel like crying. Right now, I don't know if things will always feel this hard or I'd things will improve.


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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi there and welcome.

I understand. I'm single mum and worked part time for a few years but started full time in January. How old is your child? Yeah, it's not easy and I know how isolating working from home can be. I've done it in the past and don't enjoy it.

Do you have Zoom meetings at all? Do you know when you may return to the office?

It may be an idea to email your boss and ask for feedback. It will show you care and want to do well.

Hang in there, do your best, touch base with your boss.

Sending you that hug.

Cmf x