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I’m new here

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Hi I’m a mum of 2. I have a teenage daughter who is not currently attending school for mental health reasons but she is starting up again next year. I have had mental health issues going on 4 years now and they are getting worse. I opened up to my job about it and no longer have a job. I’ve asked dr’s for help to no avail. I was talking to a psychologist but felt it wasn’t helping. I’m at my wits end now and I’m due to start a new job soon. I’m really worried as I feel so unpredictable day by day. I’m either angry, crying, calm or really happy(getting rare). I now don’t want to see dr’s because I’ve had many bad experiences talking to some of those. And iso is not helping 🙂
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Hi Mum44

I firstly appreciate that iso is not helping anyone You aren't alone there. It sounds like you going through a stressful situation- you are distressed and feeling low yourself but also worry for your daughter. It may be good to seek out some mental health resources that can help you feel more steady (and less unpredictable, as you say) before you commence your new job.

Now, fair enough- you say seeing a psychologist hasn't helped you. Would you consider seeing another one? Or maybe another therapist- a counsellor or psychologist with a different specialisation? Would online resources be an option for you? Sometimes getting help via a different platform can make all the difference. You can use this thread to process what's going on for you and work out your next steps- we are here to assist you.

Sending kindness,


Hi Mum44,

A warm welcome to our forums and it's great that you've decided to speak to us. 

I agree with Tay100 that it sounds like you have a lot on your plate at the moment and that you must be feeling worried for both your daughter and yourself. I'm really sorry that hear that you've had such negative and unhelpful experiences with doctors. I can definitely understand why you might not want to engage with them again and I know that a lot of our members here have had similar experiences as well.

Like Tay100 mentioned sometimes it can be helpful to try speaking to a different psychologist as the process of finding a therapist that works for you is definitely one that takes time and effort, but there are definitely other resources you can consider as well. I hope that you will be able to keep posting on the forums and find the support here helpful. For example, our thread on managing anxiety and the article series on staying well could be a good place to start. BeyondBlue also runs a NewAccess service that offers free coaching by a trained professional to help people through difficult times.

I will open this up for our community to chime in, but in the meantime I also just want to let you know that I have moved your post from 'Welcome and orientation' to 'Relationship and family issues' to help connect it more to other members who might be going through a similar situation.