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I’m confused..

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I’m new to this whole thing but I thought I’d share my side, I’m too scared to talk to my parents about this because I feel they will not understand.

i Recently got in a relationship with a guy I have been talking to and it’s been around 1 month now, but I’m not sure if I’m losing feelings or what is happening because I don’t seem to want to go out as much or talk as much. He always speaks to me in a couple of worded messages because he doesn’t have many skills in talking to people yet. It really gets to me because I like to have actual conversations and not just him saying someone like “that sucks” or “yes” all the time. I feel like I have no one to speak to.. help! Please

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Hi Notsureeeeeee,

Welcome to the forum and thank you for sharing such a personal part of your life.

There is a Buddhist saying that "Nothing is permanent", your relationship may or may not last a lifetime. And if it does come to an end, think about the person that you've become from everything you've learnt from your time with him. If the time does come to an end, lovingly let go of him and treasure the memories you've made with him forever.

If you need to talk with someone, give the Beyond Blue hotline a call on 1300 22 4636. I'm sure someone would be happy to listen to you there.

Let us know of any updates.



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Hi there

Your internal and gut instincts are a powerful thing. In relationships flags can be raised in any relationship, but if your feeling that way more often than not it’s a sign that something is not quite right for you.

it’s good to listen to those natural instincts we all have.

you could raise with him how your feeling but if you feel like it’s just not working for you then take it as that, you can’t try to force someone to be the person you hoped they would be.

do you have any close friends you could talk to?