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i feel like i cant cope i need serious help

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i dont even know where to begin i have had negative from my partner who is in family court with her ex partner. we got together as a couple almost immidiatly and i know it has made him try and distrupt our lives through munipulation and family court. we have just had an absolutly beautiful baby girl absolultly fills my heart. Today my partner was forced to sign a bind restricting me from talking to my partners kids at all who are 7 and 10 both girls. the only time i can see my daughter is every second friday night cause my partners ex refuses to want anymore time hense to keep my partner from fines she cant afford and be charged with contempt of court i will be homeless. i feel like im going to lose that time she wil forget who her dad is
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Welcome to BB

In your post, you mentioned that your partner had to sign a "bind". How did this bind come about? To my knowledge, binds are used for minor criminal matters in a criminal court; but I am no authority on this matter.

Notwithstanding the above, the bind may not be enforceable if it separates a father from his child. In other words, the bind may be meaningless; but that will depend on the circumstances.