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I feel alone in the world

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I'm sitting here tonight feeling a bit panicked and scared about my situation and just need some soothing words or advice. Life used to be quite good for me at one stage, I had my parents and siblings, a small but close network of friends, things to do and just generally felt buoyant and enthusiastic about life. Fast forward 10 years, and I no longer have any parents (they've passed and my Dad last September), have fallen out with my sister after a particularly nasty fight recently, have a distant relationship with my brother (but always did), have about one close-ish friend that I see every few months (she lives far away), and a few acquaintances here and there that I see very infrequently. The only person I see and talk to regularly every day that I have a close connection with is my partner, and he's not always supportive. If I reach out to people they generally will be happy enough to see me, but it's always me doing the reaching out and I feel like I'm no-one's priority. I just feel very alone and like I have no support network, and I'm still grieving my Dad I think but no-one understands that. I'm scared that the rest of my life will be lonely and empty and that terrifies me.
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Blue Voices Member

Ocelot welcome to bb forums. I am in a similar situation. Lost both parents, siblings scattered and not always being supportive, my partner has passed away. At least I have a support network in here. Which is far better than not having a network at all. So if your down and troubled, come and bend our ear. That's why we are here. to get and give help. With no strings attached. hope it works out for you.


Thanks Kanga, just having someone reply to my post makes me feel less alone. I'm very sorry about your situation too and particularly your husband passing, I can only imagine how painful that would be.

hello Ocelet, welcome to the site, and it certainly does amaze us and upset's us how life used to be a long time ago compared to how it is now, a vast difference, one which we would have never hoped it be like.
Take me back 40 years ago where I married my first g/friend, how much I was in love, there couldn't possibly be anything that could go wrong, but between those days to these current days, I'm divorced and so much has happened in those 40 years, some for the good and some which I wish I had never been through, but here I am now a changed person with 2 lovely sons and 2 adorable small g/daughters.
Sometimes our friends don't turn out to be, they want our/your help but will not give you 'the time of the day' only if it involves themselves, and that's where the disappointment begins.
Now I a handful of 3 or 4 people who I can call true friends, a vast difference to when I hadn't been sick where they were swarming like flies.
It's only natural that you are still grieving the loss of your father, which I can only say how sorry I am for you, and there will be people who will say 'he had a good life', that's not what you want to hear, because what it means is that they don't care and don't want to address the sadness you are suffering from, so it puts a barrier between you and them, so are these people true friends but they will never make you find joy once again.
Don't feel alone because here you have our support, why, because we have all been through times when we were alone ourselves, but now we have a multitude of people we can talk with who do understand how we are feeling.
Before I go I am concerned about any medical help you maybe getting, so please let us know. Geoff.