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I cant cope with some bad news!

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Im a 19 yearbold female. Right now ive got many issues of my own that im just coming to terms with an only just in thr last daybor so ive started to seek some sort of help (ie this website). Last night my father whom I don't live with anymore amd whom separated from my mother when I was young (im still very close with him) I found out his now girlfriend is dying of cancer and that hes moving over the other side of the country to take care of her and her 12 year old daughter.  I don't know these people at all ive met them twice but im grieving for my father as his heartbis broken but I dont knoe how to feel . Am I more upset that his leaving his family over Christmas for another family.  Or that hes goings to raise this girl as a family when he couldn't do that for me or that his girlfriend is dying.  Or am I being extremely selfish to be thinking about myself
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dear Tashi, I can see the main issue here to be that you are upset that he is now going to raise the other girl and then bring her up, and personally if I was in your situation I would feel the same.

A similar situation happened to my siblings and myself when Dad remarried a lady who had no respect for any of us 5 kids, and in fact made Dad isolated from us all.

He too wouldn't come to any family occasions, because she pulled the strings, and she was someone who Dad always disliked in females, and this was a total shock to all of us.

At times he wanted to come but she disallowed it, so I can feel what you are trying to cope with.

Make use of your artistic abilities and excuse yourself by painting. L Geoff. x

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I dont know this lady very well . I dont feel that she is making him do anything he doesn't want to do. My dad has a big heart and obviously feels like its the right thing to do and I respect that and think hes very brave its just a hard concept to get my heard around.  I think ill be ok we all have times in our lives that go up and down . Thanks again xt