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how to cope with rejection from wife.

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how to cope with it when it comes from someone you love very much??

I have been married for nine and a half years to my wife we have 2 children 9 and 5 years old. over the past 9 years we have had our ups and downs but what always comes up is intimacy and I am sure this has been brought up before on here. what is a normal sex drive?? is there such thing as a normal sex drive? if every one is different then how can one know what is normal? my sex drive is very different to my wife's I believe it is still the same as when I fist met her, ok maybe a little higher now and I think it should be after being with her for a long period just shows I still have the same last and mostly love for her right??. But the problem is this my wife and I know we have very different sex drives my wife's sex drive is hardly existent and this has been said by her. it has been very hard in the past and still very hard now to deal with this problem. I know what some people are thinking "she might be tired, do the house work", "make dinner", "put the kids to bed and rub her back" yes yes I know all of that and I already do that. I had asked my wife last night while rubbing her back if she could change anything about me what would it be and her reply was my sex drive so after all my dribble how do I lower my sex drive to make my wife happy to save our marriage?.

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Hello vinnyboma, welcome and yes, I believe you may have asked the million-dollar question haha... several of them in fact!

In all seriousness, I hear you saying that in the slings and arrows of nearly 10 years of marriage, with two young children, your sex life is the one issue that has been consistent over time. Your attraction to your wife has not changed, perhaps even gotten stronger, while you feel that her attraction to you has lessened. While many of your questions are about sex drives, how to change them, what is normal, etc, I also hear you saying that this is more than a sex drive problem for you. It's about the feeling of intimacy, and the flip side of that, feeling rejected by the person you love most in the world.

You've tried doing many of the things people typically associate with being a 'good husband' - sharing housework, meals, and childcare duties, being intimate physically without being sexual, but at the end of it your wife has said the one thing she'd change about you would be your sexual desire for her. It also sounds as though you feel that unless you tone down your desires for sex, that your marriage will not last. Do I have this right?

In response to your last question, how do you lower your sex drive? There will be many opinions out there on that question, and better experts on it than myself. But it did get me thinking, if you were able to take some sort of magic pill that did this for you, would that change your feeling of being rejected? Would it improve that feeling of intimacy you're seeking? I'm sorry I have no easy answers for you, but I really do feel how hurt you are by this sense of rejection, and how hard you're trying to make things better. If I could end on a more positive note, what is it that has kept you together (and still together) for nearly 10 years? Despite how rejected you feel, you are clearly doing a lot of things right. Keeping a marriage together is not easy.

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Hi Vinny,

Antidepressants lower the sex drive. I would never advocate taking them for that purpose though unless directed to do so by trained professionals, I'm simply talking from my own 20 years experience of taking them.