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Heartbroken as my brother has been jailed

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My younger brother has been found guilty of charges of violence even though he is innocent and there is no evidence or witnesses. They say it is historical and her word against his. He is gentle and vulnerable and now suicidal. My family have never experienced this situation before. We are all older professionals and completely law abiding. 

I'm trying to navigate the whole prison system and he is in another state so I can't visit. Although I am a very strong person this has caused me extraordinary distress. I can't stop thinking and worrying about him and I've had to take time off work. We lost our beautiful Mum last year and he was still grieving her when this happened. It is like a nightmare that one cannot wake up from. I would love to hear from anyone with advice about how to deal with all this or anyone in a similar situation. I feel so alone. Thank you so much.

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As someone whose worked in prisons for 8 years when they use the word appeal what they mean is appealing the sentence length, not the conviction. 

Otherwise they'd be seeking a retrial.


The appeal is heard at a higher court like county, but what happens is the judge isn't reviewing evidence or guilt, they're reviewing the sentencing guidelines the judge used to hand down that length.


At best they may reduce a few months, but for someone who sees the results come in from the courts I've never seen an appeal overturn a conviction. 


Best of luck

Thank you Heartbroken Mum. I think we are feeling very much the same. I can't stop thinking about it all, all the time. As you say, worrying about every little detail of what their lives must be like. 

Sending hugs and strength right back at you. 💗


Thank you Guest_7403, I appreciate your advice and kind wishes.

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Thank you Geoff.